My laptop has 2 hard drives "C" & D It came with 100GBHDD?

I have about 19GB left on "C"when the time comes how do I use "D" hard drive.or will it switch automatically?under my computer it shows "D" with (data) beside it whats this?and it shows nothing saved on it at all.more info much appreciated??

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    You have to select which drive to use. Are these 2 physical drives or 1 that is divided, or partitioned? If there is only 1 physical drive it's split up virtually to allow for segregation of files. Compare it to a 2 drawer file cabinet - it's still 1 cabinet but is divided into 2 drawers. When you fill one then you just start using the others.

    Sometimes the partitions will be radically different in size. If one is larger than the other then the smaller one was "intended" to be used for system files, like windows. Use the larger partition for storage of your data and leave the other alone. Its common for the "c" to be the system files and D to be empty. Use D to save all your files.

    Why do they do this? 2 physical drives obviously decreases the chances that both will crap out at the same time. If its 1 physical drive then there is no protection from a physical failure. However, it will provide other benefits. If there is too much info on a drive then the system's performance speed decreases. Partitions also provide some virus "protection" but not enough to justify by itself. It definitely makes backing up files to an external source easier.

    Also it helps improve system

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    Hi Lost,

    As you have a laptop, I would say that there are not two physical drives in there. This would make it heavier. There is probably one drive in there but it is "partitioned" so that it acts as two logical drives.

    To put your data on it, you will need to manually put some of your files onto the drive, by simply moving them over. So right click on a folder that you want to move, choose "Cut". Go to "My Computer", open your "D drive" (double click) and then right click on the blank space and choose "Paste". This will move the files to your D drive and remove them from your C drive, freeing up space on your C drive. You can also use the drive by choosing to save files to your D drive, rather than C drive, for example when you save a word document, click "My Computer" and then "D drive" and it'll save there.

    If you right click on the "D drive" in "My computer" and then choose "properties" it will show how much space is actually left on this drive. It could be a very small recovery partition, with essential data on it incase your computer goes wrong incase you need to reset your laptop back to when you first got it.

    Hope this helps!


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    Next time, buy an Apple Macintosh system. With Apples, you have 1 HD, not a HD with 3 additional nightmare drives. To this day, I still don't understand why PCs are so popular, aside from the dirt cheap prices.

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    You have to do it yourself. Next time you download or save anything, look to where it is going to. change the C: to D:

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