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I am studying in year 11,in Perth of Australia.

I came to Perth after finishing Form 4 in Hong Kong.So I did not take HKCEE.

I want to ask that, if I want to go back Hong Kong to study university after Year 12, how can I do?

I did not take HKCEE & A-level. Do I have any chance

to go back Hong Kong to study university?

Thank you

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  • 1 decade ago
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    hello there, just read what you've written here and found out dat you are a bit frustrated with your future. I got some opinions for you though.

    first thing you need to ask yourself is why do u wanna go back HK for study? Is the reason convincing, financial problems or just that you think you are doing not good enough in aust? If its the first reason, then u dun reali have a choice, do u? I guess the chances of studying university in hk is no longer a matter that you would consider with, right?

    Anyway, going back to your question, u took neither HKCEE nor AL. You still get chances to get into uni if you are smart enough. (not reali wanna say it in that way, you're smart, aren't u?) but yeh, its the truth. they tend to give chances to local students who have taken the AL rather than the overseas students, because they have no reason to refuse students who have been so wholeheartedly studyin in HK. and you know, studying in year 11 is like studying stuff back to form 3 and form 4. Syllabus is way easier than that of HK. Stuff in AL are like Australia's year 1 syllabus!! but to show your sincerity, you can work from now. its just the begining of year 11 right now, you go grab a referencing letter from your school principal, post it to the university with your co-curricular activity list and application form to university. And rmb, work hard for the rest of year 11~ trust me, It helps!

    if you are frustrated by the latter reason, then i will tell you, chances of getting into universities in australia will be way easier than that in HK. There are tonnes of univeristies all over australia and that no matter you study in which part of australia, either perth or tasmania, you are FAR away from home! So, you can apply for all universities through, QTAC, UAC, VTAC and of course in western australia. Its not hard to get into uni in aust., mate! You can easily get into a bachelor degree here, isn't it better than going bk hk and study a so called 'diploma or associate degree?! oh well, decision is up to you,

    anyway, GOOD LUCK to you~

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    如果得YEAR 12報NON-JUPAS就難了因為YEAR 12 =FORM 7, 大專先會有機會收,

    佢其實唔一定要你有HKCEE OR A-LEVEL, 你響AUS有好好成績都得咖, 不過你要返尼讀 HIGH DIPOLMA OR ASSOCIATE而有咁上下先有得IN, IN得好先收,如果大專(ASSOCIATE/HIGH DIP)第一年讀得好勁就有機會第2年經NON-JUPAS入U,



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