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英譯中 六百字

要求:初中程度 簡單易明


由於字數過多 因此帖上圖片



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    Aside: This story occurs in Chinese Yuan Dynasty's time. Hua Mu Lan weaves cotton cloth in the home, 打自 makes clothes for her the father, one side her weaves cotton cloth, at the same time sighs. Actually has had what matter? Word all were as a result of a last night matter. Court eunuch: Emperor includes: Each family all must let a man become a soldier, all qualifies the man must in seven days to the capital registration. Elder sister: How manages? The daddy already over 60 years old, was impossible to let him become a soldier. Younger brother: Was inferior to lets me go. Flower: Is not good, you only have ten years old, you too have been young, I went well. Elder sister: How do you go? Is a female. Flower: I 女扮男裝, they cannot bless. Aside: Thereupon on replaced the father by Hua Mu Lan to enlist in the military, she went to the county fair to buy some servicemen to need the soap equipment, for example horses, saddle, leather whip, military uniform and so on. Groom: Wants the horse? My all horses all are the steeds. : Good, for me this. Peddler: You are the enlistment person? Then your certain need as soon as seized the neat military uniform, I could satisfy your request. Flower: Good. Many thanks. Aside: Hua Mu Lan on has stepped onto serviceman's path like this, she walked several days, some one late rests in Yellow River riverside time, unable to restrain to remember the family member, therefore has cried. For from safe worry. Also worried for the family member. Aside: Crossed for several years, she repeatedly constructs the meritorious military service. Thereupon rises is a general. After east hides the struggle to tie, she returned to the capital, soon receives emperor's interview. Emperor: Spend general, congratulates you to hide the victory return, I enjoy a your desire, what do you want? : I only want to go home the life, did not want again to go to war, asked you to help me. Emperor: Since like this, good, is good, how do you want then how. Aside: The emperor complied, Hua Mu Lan brings the excited mood to go home. Flowered everybody, I came back. Father: You finally came back, I miss very much. Flower: I also am. Younger brother: The elder sister, you returned have been really good, the family for several years had many matters, a while said with you, now I first slaughter a sheep to come. Elder sister: I lead you to go to your room, it has not continuously changed, because we hoped you can safely come back, I finally wait till this day. Aside L Hua Mu Lan finally replies female's status, she cheat all people. Two female and male exempt the child in the same place, you can separately their surname don't. Court eunuch 軍書 Yellow River groom peddler

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