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Tak Shing asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago

843天與時並進:DANGEROUS MIX-UP 標題怎譯?及聞中問字解?

We start tonight with health official investigating how alcohol 火酒 was mixed into cough 咳 syrup (syrup 怎解?) which was given to a three-year-old girl at a clinic in Tuen Mun. The girl was rushed (rushed 是否解急送?) to hospital on Friday


after she complained of a burning 燒的 sensation 感覺 in her throat. Health Secretary York Chow says he's extremely concerned 極之關注 by (by 怎解?) the case and says better guidelines are being drawn up 制訂 for pharmacists 藥劑師

Update 2:

to prevent the wrong ingredients 成份 being mixed up 混淆不清的 (being mixed up = which is being mixed up 現在進行被動式或 which is mixed up 現在被動式呢?) in medicines 藥劑.

The above English was written from ATV Main News at 19:30.

You may revise it if you like. Thanks.

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    mix-up 是一句很常用的英文, 即是混亂, 錯誤. 這裡是講咳藥錯誤混合火酒的新聞, 用 mix (混合)帶有雙關意味, 很難完全用中文譯過來, 可以譯做: 咳藥誤摻火酒 如此混淆真混帳


    syrup---食物用的糖漿, 咳藥一般被製成糖漿狀作飲用, 所以是cough syrup

    rushed--- 對了, 是急送, 被動式, "被急送"

    concerned by--- "concern" 是關注, 可是用作動詞時, 一般用被動式, 所以用 preposition "by". 我們不會說 "I concern xx" (我關心xx), 說 "I am concerned by xx" (我因為xx的原因 (by xx) 而感到關注).

    being mixed up----- 這個being不是"現在進行式", 而是一個"動名詞", 當作名詞來用. 句子的動詞是 "prevent", 要 prevent "being mix up" 這件事.

    這句子不要用which is mixed up 或 which is being mixed up. 用which便會寫成: to prevent the wrong ingredients which is mxied up. 這個 which 變成用來define 前面的 ingredients, 意思變成: 制止那些被弄錯的成份. 這樣不對, 因為要制止的不是成份本身, 而是"成分被錯配"這件事.

    2007-04-27 11:56:38 補充:

    亞視英文台的新聞標題常有語帶雙關的佳句, 十分有趣

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