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Which movie had the greatest impact (negative or positive) on your psyche?

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    The Diary Of Ann Frank

    Negative impact because I was exposed to the ugly face of "humanity" for the first time.

    Positive because I also realized the great inner strength, courage and willpower a person can bear in order to survive.

    The impact was so great because I saw the film at the early age of about eight or nine.

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    Schindler's list.

    A terrible time in human history told so well. It's leaves a powerful and lasting effect. A brilliant film, unforgettable, and a lesson to all. It shows that even the most hardened people can change.

    It has a message that is not just applicable to the holocaust but to any crisis.

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    Dancer in the Dark. Most powerful movie I've ever seen. Was depressed for 2 months.

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    Click, i used to wanted to forward time or pause it and stuff, but after i saw the movie, wow, i learned to be thankful for what we have right now, and i also couldnt take the part when he dies off my mind. "will you still love me in the morning?" "Forever and ever" (i started crying during that part)

    300, every day i mention a quote of the movie, like "tonight we dine in hell", or "this is sparta". its driving my sisters crazy. :D

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    Halloween. It scared me so bad. I was 6 or something. It messed up my psyche because even though it scared me witless I am a big fan of that kind of fear.

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    Akira Kurosawa's Dreams, I couldn't stop thinking about it for weeks.

    The same happened with Pan's Labyrinth.

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    The Little Mermaid. I never really felt that way about ANY film personage (animated or otherwise)

    it has taken over my life.

    Obsessive? Yeah, that's a given

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    American Beauty. Made me look at my life in perspective. I don't have a long time to live so it really shows the viewer to enjoy yourself while you have the chance.

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    this is a good one! the name of the movie is "Mind Walk". find it if you can (good luck with that project), there's no action, not even a real story. just conversation about things that i know would interest you greatly.

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