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Giuliani cleaned up the worst city in the WORLD at the time....?

....and now he is running for president. Do you think that he could use what he learned and used in New York City to clean up Baghdad?

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    We are to believe that he will be a good president? Because he will be on offense and the Dems will be on defense? He is a one trick pony who is hoping to use fearmongering to his advantage. Okay so, he took over NYC in 1994, he had 7 years to get prepared considering he had had an attack in 1993. Well guess what, he was provided recommendations as to how to best prepare the city in the event of another attack on the WTC. At the time of the second bombing and ultimate destruction of the twin towers MOST of the recommendations were NOT implemented, yet he was heralded as this great mayor. People do your homework, don't believe the hype.

    Also listen to how he treated the fire fighters after 9/11, especially from the President of the International Association of Fire Fighters.

    People have that memorable image-Rudy among the ruins- this hides a multitude of sins: in the event of a terrorist attack, Giuliani should have been directing police, fire and emergency services from the city's high-tech underground emergency management center; unfortunately, Giuliani had insisted that that secure center be located at the World Trade Center along with a diesel fuel truck which was against the advise of FDNY. The faulty radios were the target of years of scathing internal assessments, bureaucratic wrangling, and accusations of bidding favoritism, and still the Giuliani administration had never replaced them. The buck stops with Rudy, who knew that the same radios had faltered when the World Trade Center was first bombed by terrorists in 1993, the year he was elected mayor.

    During the attacks, because the command center was rendered inoperable, NYC had no clear chain of command and no physical command structure in place to coordinate the emergency response. Frankly, the whole reason Giuliani was on television all day and available for interviews was because he was scrambling around the streets trying to set up a command post since the one he had designed and located was paralyzed during the attacks.

    Political infighting between police and fire departments went unchecked, preventing coordination between first responders, and Giuliani's rush to return New York to business as usual (fearing that Wall Street might relocate) may have seriously impaired the health of returning workers and residents. The New York City government now estimates that 43,000 people have significant 9/11-related health problems

    How can we continue to treat this man as a hero when firefighters were looking for their brethren and he said no and took some of the debris which contained bodies to fix holes in the streets of New York, ( I am not making this up). He was more concerned about getting the gold and silver bullion for the Corporations that he was about getting the bodies of the real heroes of 9/11, the firefighters and police officers that went into those buildings. Giuliani also made a conscious decision to institute a “scoop-and-dump” operation to expedite the clean-up of Ground Zero in lieu of the more time-consuming, but respectful, process of carefully removing debris in hope of uncovering more remains

    Excerpt from a letter from the IAFF President

    "The real reason was that the Bank of Nova Scotia's assets were buried in that rubble, the day they got those assets out of that pile, Rudy shut the pile down, said 'everybody off, we're going to full scoop and dump'... It was gold, it was silver, it was other assets, I've seen a lot of numbers too, I don't have an exact one so I don't wanna give it to you... Our firefighters were on the pile helping excavate the gold as well, our problem is that all Rudy cared about at the end of the day was the gold bricks, not the lives and the memories of those that were the true heroes that day."

    At the time, in November 2001, it was reported that $200 million in gold bullion has been recovered from the site. One day later around 50% of firefighters were removed from the job and totally denied access.

    Mayor Giuliani’s actions meant that fire fighters and citizens who perished would either remain buried at Ground Zero forever, with no closure for families, or be removed like so much garbage and deposited at the Fresh Kills Landfill."

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    I think he just happened to be mayor at the time of 9/11 and cashed in on it. What did he do that was special? Just walked around keeping calm and all of a sudden he was a hero. He did nothing as far as I'm concerned, can't figure out how all of a sudden he was a hero.

    The only way I would want him for a president is if it were him or Hillary, then it would have to be him.

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    New York was far from the worst city at the time. Third world megacities are far more crime ridden.

    Baghdad is a third world city, that happens to be a war zone,

    no way guiliani can clean it up

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    If you call telling everyone the air was clean to breathe and using the rubble with body parts still in it cleaning up the city.....your delusional if you think he will win in the election

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    Absolutely. He understands how the military needs to violently fight to win and would not retreat like the democrats. The important work he would do would be shrinking the mammoth us govt that just harms people with excess regulations and taxes. It does very little for anyone: witness Katrina. yet the dept of ed has 100,000 employees making big money off of us. Something is terribly wrong Rudy could fix.

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    New York has always been in the top crime cities in the U.S., no one knew about him till 9-11 sadly

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    not really. whoever the mayor of NYC was when ford was president was a better mayor

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    in new york he had people that wanted his help

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    Hide the evidence, you mean...

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