How long will I have to stay in the hospital after a hip replacement?

I am 30 years old and in relatively good health. How long can I expect to stay in the hospital for a total hip replacement?

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    My husband had one in September. He was in otherwise excellent health and 40 years old. He had surgery on Thursday and was home on Sunday. He is a contractor and I was driving him around to job sites on Tuesday and he was back at work by the end of the week (although he could not drive for 3 weeks). He was finished with his physical therapy within 6 weeks of surgery and doing amazing things I'd never seen him do (like ties his shoe) only a couple of months later.

    His hip replacement was from a catastrophic fall 20 years earlier (4 stories) as opposed to degenerative arthritis which is apparantely a harder recovery. His recovery was exceptional, although I believe his stay in the hospital was typical.

    Hope that helps! Good luck! My husband hasn't felt this good in 20 years!

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  • 1 decade ago

    My grandmother had a total knee replacement, which is pretty close to the same thing, just smaller. Hers was due to osteoarthritis(she had no cartilage in either knee and was in terrible pain. They did one at a time, of course). She was in the regular hospital on a morphine pump for 5 days (including the day of her surgery). They then moved her to a rehabilitation hospital once they had switched her to oral pain meds. She was there for 2 weeks, then home with a walker. She had physical therapy every day in the rehab hospital (that is their purpose) and I drove her to PT for a month (she wasn't allowed to drive for 6 weeks, and even then her surgeon said she had bounced back REALLY fast). After that she was back on her feet. She just had her other knee done last year, and she's in great shape. Good luck!

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  • vyky
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    replaced into this Hip alternative planned. If it replaced into she would desire to be out of hospital in a pair of weeks. If the alternative replaced into simply by an accident it would take longer. additionally does she have any scientific issues simply by fact which could postpone discharge homestead. Do you reside contained in the united kingdom, in case you do ask your mothers nurses in the event that they have despatched a piece 2 off. a piece 2 is a form that as nurses we finished to declare that our sufferers condition calls for them to have some imput from social centers. a lot of human beings do no longer purely like the inital considered social centers coming in yet they may be a god deliver particularly doing hassle-loose homestead carry chores and buying. In our hospital we in no way discharge a affected person untill an entire assessment has been performed and we experience the affected person would be secure at homestead. i desire to advise you communicate on your mothers nurses and something of the folk in touch in her care ie physiotherapist. desire this facilitates you hun xxx

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