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Red Sox vs. Yankees. where do you stand and why?




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    I tend to side with the Red Sox. I've had better encounters with Red Sox fans than I have with Yankees fans in general. Not to mention I'm a die-hard Orioles fan, and Orioles just don't root for the Yankees.

    My first ever Orioles roadtrip also just happened to be Fenway Park in 2001. So I tend to side with the Red Sox.

    But I'm not liking the Red Sox very much at the moment however.......

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    I am not a fan of either team, and i used to sympathize with the Sox and the fans, but then 2004 came along, the Sox won, and the fans, players, and especially their ownership got really cocky. It made me gain a large amount of appreciation for the Yankees and their fans. Also, i can't remember the last time the Sox had someone like Bernie Williams, who is so classy and anyone can admire.

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    Red Sox! But mostly because I'm a NY Mets fan, and I know it's typically viewed as a bad thing to root against your State, but I think a true Met fan cannot be a Yankee fan. I've always been a devout yankee HATER,and Red Sox are my favorite team other than the Mets, so unless it's a Mets/RedSox world series (uhoh, repeat of '86? haha) then I root METS and SOX!

    Source(s): I always considered myself a "Metsox" fan...
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    I like the red sox waaaay more. I CANNOT stand the yankees. The reasons why I hate them are: They buy their way into everything, most of their fans don't know anything about the team or even watch the games (they just like them because their "good"), they think they're better than everyone else, and Boston is just way better. I like Boston because it's more of a friendly team I guess you could say. They don't BUY their way into winning. Their players are trained as rookies and turn out to be great players! Look at the yankees this year. A bunch of their pitchers are rookies and they STINK! that's because they don't train their players they let other teams do that then go and buy them! GO BOSTON!

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  • Jim G
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    Red Sox fan for life. Yankees are a fine team but as a New Englander it is my role to hate them and their awful smug holier-than-thou fans.

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    i love the redsox and hate the yankees.the yankees have ignorant and obnoxious fans but redsox fans are very passionate and supportive.the redsox have better baseball history and fenway park is the oldest ballpark in all of baseball.the redsox dont try to go out and get other team,s best players every single year like the yankees do.most yankee fans arent real baseball fans either.you can spend 5 minutes talking baseball with a yankee fan and if u ask them who wears #42 on the yankees,they wont have an idea who it is.all yankee fans just want to be part of the "yankee"bandwagon.if the yankees were the ones who didnt win a championship for 86 years,they probably wouldnt even have any fans becuz their fans are so impatient.and yes the redsox are the better team this year.

    ps:yankee fans how,s that pitching working out for you.(LOL)

    GO REDSOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous
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    I got tickets for tomorrows yankees vs. redsox game, and I'm a sox fan. The only problem is I live in New Jersey so I going to the game in New York so it's gonna be hard not too root for the sox but I gotta. GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The Yankees are the epitomy of professionalism in pro sports. Thats why they will always be better than those scummy srcubbuckets otherwise known as the Red Sox. GO YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    well, i dont really like either one of them, but if i had to pick it would be Boston. Just because I REALLY hate the Yankees. BTW, when they played each other a couple of nights ago, that home-run fest that Boston went on was awesome. I was on the ground laughing at how much the Yankees suck. Good stuff!

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    Agree with Thomas H. Yankees have likeable players, like Jeter and Bernie Williams and Jorge Posada. Who do the Red Sux have, Kevin Youkoulis (I really don't give a **** on how I spell his name).

    Yanks - 26

    Sux - 6

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