Is there any such thing as a mission engineer?

I know I want to be an engineer but I also want to help people. Are there engineers that go other countries to build them buildings the need such as clinics and hospitals. And if so how would I go about getting that kin of job. Do I just get a degree in engineering and go from there?

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    A common engineering discipline that would give you appropriate training for this type of work would be Civil/Construction or Environmental engineering.

    Civil engineers know how to design infrastructure such as roads, bridges etc, which is lacking in many under-developed countries. Civil and environmental engineers also dabble in water quality and infrastructure associated with providing clean water supplies. Construction engineers are kind of like architects and would know more about planning hospitals and clinics.

    Really, though, you can go into any type of engineering and use your skills to benefit under-developed countries. Electrical engineers can help manage electric power plants. Mechanical engineers can help design affordable devices that improve the quality of life (water pumps, farming equipment, etc). Biomedical engineers could develop affordable medical devices.

    I could go on, but just search for different engineering disciplines to find what skills you can learn. You just need to figure out exactly what you want to do as a career, and then figure out which engineering discipline will give you the skills/knowledge that will help you achieve your chosen career. It's also possible that you end up not choosing engineering.

    edit: With a bit of searching, there is such a thing as a "mission engineer" job title. For example, some people that work for NASA plan out the missions, but that isn't what you were looking for, haha.

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    Yes. Get your degree first.

    Work for nonprofits in your spare time. But if you want to make this your life work, try the U.N., Catholic services(you don't have to be catholic), or several other organizations.

    A great way to connect with these people is through the Peace Corps.

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