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DarkWolf asked in Games & RecreationGambling · 1 decade ago

Do want poker to be legalized? And if so what are you willing do do about it?

I just found out that a new bill was introduced today which would allow for the legalization and licensing of online poker and gambling in the US. As an avid poker player I'm very excited about this development but I am also worried that people wont' take the time to write and call their legislators to show their support for the bill. I've already done so will you as well? What else do you think should be done to get it passed?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Chairman Kyl

    In China the government will soon assign "virtual cops" to monitor and wipe out pornography, gambling and other “illicit” activities on the Internet. By the end of June, the virtual cops will monitor all major portals and online forums across China. It’s only a matter of time before Senator Jon Kyl forces Attorney General Gonzales to establish Internet police to make sure that individuals are not playing poker or slots online. After all, he’s already taken the first step that the brutal Chinese regime has taken. Already Kyl and his cronies have equated online gambling to online pornography and child abuse.

    There’s an old saying that there’s nothing worse than a reformed drinker or a reformed whore. One has to wonder if this is Kyl’s problem. One has to wonder if he’s been addicted to online gambling or porn and to keep up with his 12-step program, he has to make sure no one else enjoys a good Texas Hold’em game or blackjack online. According to the Chinese propaganda rag, People’s Daily, online gambling, vulgarity and fraud are among the top priorities for the state to eradicate; words no different than comrade Kyl’s. Zhang Xinfeng, vice-minister of the Ministry of Public Security said, "The existence of these problems has affected the healthy development of the Internet, brought harm to the youths' minds, contaminated the social ethos and disrupted the social order."

    So, who’s writing whose speeches? Is Kyl writing China’s anti-online gambling rhetoric or is comrade Xinfeng writing Kyl’s?

    Virtual cops first appeared last year in Shenzhen, where the police inserted a floating cartoon icon of a policeman on major websites. The sites are linked to the local police stations and have an alarm system. This will probably be the next proposal Kyl will attempt to push through and the Republican and Democratic sheep in the Senate and House will follow right behind like the mindless robots they have become. "The simple appearance of these floating icons will remind people these websites are under surveillance," said Xinfeng. Watch for Kyl to institute the same surveillance in the name of Homeland Security.

    Last November, police cracked the largest pornographic website in China and arrested its creator, Chen Hui, who was later sentenced to life imprisonment. American law enforcement has already arrested online gambling website owners as if they were porn traffickers.

    There are indications, however, that Kyl may be recovering from gambling or porn addiction because it’s become an obsession with him. He sees the problem no matter the situation. During the Senate hearings last week where Alberto Gonzales was questioned about the firing of US Attorneys, Kyl broke into a tirade about cleaning the net of online gamblers. He bragged about his efforts to get the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) passed. Of course, this had absolutely nothing to do with the firing of US Attorneys, which leads one to believe that Kyl has not kicked his drinking/gambling/porn addiction yet.

    While symbolically he may be a “reformed whore,” in reality he’s more like a pimp. He needs to get rid of online gamblers because they cut into the casinos and race tracks that operate in his state. Online gamblers take money away from his state’s sucker-bet lottery. He’s pimping for the race tracks that make bucks for his state: Turf Paradise, Rillito Park and Yavapai Downs.

    Kyl is the top Senate recipient of lobby money from professional sports, arenas and related services. Is it any wonder he pimps for his biggest donors to the detriment of online gambling? And every street pimp needs his “lady.” In this case it’s US Attorney Catherine Hanaway who wants to demolish the entire business of online gambling. She has already bragged about arresting the major official at and the number 2 guy there. Wonder how many more steps are left in her recovery program?

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    That is a good question. While I can not speculate on exactly how long it will take after online poker is legalized, I do know that several big offshore entities have already been preparing for U.S. launch, some with new brands, some using existing. The first answerer is correct in that you will never see Full Tilt and PokerStars operating in the U.S. again. What you will likely see is the re-emergence of PartyGaming formerly known as PartyPoker in the U.S. They were smart enough to pull out of the U.S. market in anticipation for the day when it would be a free enterprise and they did not want to face any potential prosecution. At the time, it was the largest U.S. poker site online. Do know that when the U.S. releases it's restrictions on online gambling, winnings will be taxed. As for where you can play now, I recommend Bodog. Their online poker room has only flourished since online poker's Black Friday.

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  • yes, this is excellent news. I don't really care if the sportsbooks are allowed to operate again, but the poker rooms would be excellent. I am tired of driving 40 minutes to wait 2 hours to jump in a 10-20 game, because they only have one table running from 8 am to 10 pm. I belong to the poker players alliance and I will be writing my congressmen and women to show support for this to pass. I would also like to see bill frist be thrown out of congress for backdooring that asinine bill they passed. I mean if the us congress really needs a piece of the pie, give it to them by all means. Have it regulated better, make it more secure. We as poker players may not be the most motivated, but a rally outside of congress would be nice. Could you imagine 100,000 poker players all gambling on when the police will break it up!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I just heard about this too. My legislator will be getting a letter from me.

    You can also show your support by joining the non-profit organization: poker player alliance .

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  • 1 decade ago

    That's a good news, I'm a member of the PPA. And the PPA give you good suggestion to help online poker.

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