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I live a life of aggravating people suffering to ensure my children's better future.?

For that I am placing my soul upon God's Judgement. If you happen to be my god how will pass judgement on my actions?


I think the first answerer understood perfectly what I meant.

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  • KC
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    I'd send you back to learn empathy. Everyone is someone's child, and you don't have any business causing suffering for others on purpose. There is no 'better future' for anyone who grows up in a world where causing suffering is acceptable.

    "If you catch yourself commiting an ungodly act in the course of doing what was best for you, the error was not in having put yourself first, but in misunderstanding what was best for you."

    --Neale Walsch, Conversations with God

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    Well, if I was god, I wouldn't damn you to hell - that's a bit to extreme. I would sentence you to a minimum of 20 nights of normal life, with the exception that every time you fell asleep for longer than 15 minutes, a telemarketer would call you up and you had to pick up the phone.

    Or 10 hours with the Mormon missionaries. Your pick.

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    that is not a punishment. it really is a call. God gave us love. He gave us Jesus, part of Himself, to take our sins away. not something comes for loose. So, He gave us and we are requested to provide back. settle for Jesus or die always in soreness. nicely, selection is elementary. Nons are those who stay in a international of sin, born in sin, and are as at a loss for words as something human beings about existence. Haters on the different hand merely hate and sense that completely everyone loves God advantages to be attacked, have their church homes destroyed, etc. Geesh, all Christians do is stay a existence-kind of the Lord and attempt to help others! Morals contained in the proper do not get human beings into heaven. Being "solid" does not both. The Bible obviously states that Jesus is the way, the reality, and the gentle. absolutely everyone that accepts Him will be with Him and the daddy. it really is a call, not a punishment, to bypass to hell. Hell is the punishment in itself. God does not opt to deliver absolutely everyone there. He does not make the alternative for us. He gave us loose will. We make it.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Your question does not make sense; nor does that of your first answerer.

    Could we all just ask and answer in regular English?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Friend, methinks you should reword your question....

    I can't understand what you are trying to say.

    god bless

  • Afi
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    1 decade ago

    Your actions are no worst than mine.

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