Aromatherapy. This is a serious question. If you don't know, don't answer.?

Does aromatherapy still work if you can't smell? I mean, does it work through your brain's reaction to the smell, or is there a chemical reaction between your body and the substances used in the treatment?

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    Aromatherapy is a form of pharmacology that got hijacked by Earth Muffins and social workers who hadn't a clue about human physiology. But, the principle is simple. There are several routes for substances to enter our body and impact on our chemistry. Oral (swallowing a pill), respiratory (inhaling a mist), rectal (suppository), tissue injection (shots), intravenous (directly into blood vessels), topical (lotions, creams, patches which are absorbed through the skin), sublingual (under the tongue like nitro pills), and others. Aromatherapy is a respiratory and somewhat topical routed pharmacology, albeit subtle. It also impacts chemically on sensory receptors through aroma and olfactory perception. An altered sense of smell would alter the impact of aroma in that regard, but not in its other chemical impact.

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    Interesting question - and both your suggestions are correct.

    Aromatherapy works on an emotional level through our sense of smell. But we also absorb oils through our skin when they are applied to it and through our respiratory systems when we inhale them. The last 2 methods don't rely on us being concious of the smell.

    Also have you noticed that when you are around a particular smell for a while you can't smell it any more? Well that is a normal reaction, but it doesn't mean the oils have stopped working too.

    I read an interesting book a while ago which stated that some preliminary studies showed that elderly people with dementia, who apparently often have little or no sense of smell, still experienced calming effects from oils like lavender or geranium.

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    Yes! It will still work. To learn more about aromatherapy, consider joining this group.

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