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Virginia Tech shootings?

I'm curious to know if any reports have emerged about the shooter "sparing" the life of anyone involved? Or did he just shoot anything that moved? During Columbine, there were some reports that the two shooters went past some people allowing them to live.

What a sad day in America we live in. Our shcools are now always going to be targets and the government knows it. They only true way to ensure it does not happen again, is literally to staff each school with a swat team. Gun control is not the answer here folks, really it's not. So how do we stop this BS from happening? I fear a day will come when hundreds of innocent students will be killed in a single incident. They have said that there are likely countless kids out there right now thinking, or even planing to do these types of things. Most will not follow through, but what if this keeps happening? What the heck are we going to do? I have a 14 year okld daughter and I fear for her every day she goes to school, it just not right

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    Okay, from what I heard, he shot anyone who moved. At the same time, I haven't paid much attention. Why? While I mourn the victim's and the loss the families must feel, I also feel there are more important things to work for and remember - genocides around the world, a child starving to death every three seconds somewhere around the world...

    Death at another human's hands is not a new thing. I am tired of hearing "what a sad time we live in" - the only thing that has changed over the years is technology. Human nature is just as split as it always was.

    Anyone and everyone is a target. YOU are a target just by being alive. We will all die one day.

    If you truly want to help, teach your children and raise them to be the young woman and men we want them to be.

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    I personally think gun control is the best solution but since you have ruled that out, let's analyze other options.

    1. Home school your 14 year old daughter.

    2. Arm your 14 year old daughter with a gun so that she could shoot the gunman first before he shoots her.

    3. Send her to a country where there are tighter gun control laws. She can return home when she graduates from school. That way she will not get shot as a student and United States can keep their gun laws as well.

    4. Hire a bodyguard (or a 'class' Marshall) for your daughter.

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    First allow me say that their are 15,000 scholars at that distinct college, 4,000 contained in the dorm, and 11,000 who stay off campus. Virginia Tech the day surpassed by had a Press convention on Fox information, and between the authorities (there have been 3), and that i do not comprehend his call suggested that they do have a secure practices equipment, by e mail, and different technical skill. besides the indisputable fact that the time that the incidents got here about, develop into contained in the A.M. even as the scholars were commuting. even as they did arrive they felt that it develop into perfect to fasten down even as they did arrive. really on the time of the records convention they were nonetheless doing the analyze of the witnesses, and they did not have all the solutions yet. That suggested, i believe they ought to have metallic detectors as they do on the airports, and that i.D. playing cards (ones that could want to not be counterfeited), as they are planning to do with Passports contained in the USA. Secondly even as an incident does happen they ought to have a noisy siren like they do in Israel, and different international places for the time of conflict time alerting human beings to bypass into their shelters. That wll alert those who're commuting. For those that dorm they ought to have a PA equipment put in. those are the only measures that i will imagine of, apart from strickter gun administration guidelines. reality to inform, it really is unlucky yet regardless of measures are put in it type of feels that when a deranged man or woman, or a terrotist is keen to damage human beings regrettably they continuously stumble on a thanks to artwork round any safe practices equipment it really is put in. it really is type of a no win subject, yet we ought to do what we ought to do no be counted what. G-d can help those households, to be able to conquer the tragedy of dropping a chlld.

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    The parents aren't even allowing the FBI to further investigate, they keep saying "elaborate on our 'precious' children, not this maniac."

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