South Africa?

What are your opinions of South Africa and what to you think we do during the day?

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    Not very good I´m afraid.

    These are the words of our ex-president and Nobel prize winner Klerk:

    "These included an "unacceptably high" crime rate, the spread of HIV/Aids and the fact that 50% of the population was living on or below the poverty line.

    About 5.5 million people are living with HIV in South Africa, a country in which about 50 people are murdered every day and half a million burglaries or robberies were reported last year.

    About 50 000 rapes, among them about 20 000 children, are reported to police every year, but women's groups say the real figure is about 1.5 million. "


    It´s a sick society of crime, violence, internal rage, lowering health and educational standards, incompetent politics, corruption and white persecuting AA and BEE policies from which 1,2 million white South Africans have already left.

    The standard of living for the majority of South Africans has lowered consistently without fail each and every year since the birth of the new South Africa.

    I always say - It´s a bit like a high class model, a beautiful exterior but with so much baggage that no-one with an instinct for self preservation would dare to go near.

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    to answer your question - busy filling out immigration forms for Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, EU etc.

    Source(s): 32 years in Cape Town.
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    South Africa is in many ways a 1st world country, but only when compared to the rest of Africa. The majority of people here are still living in 3rd world status, and in 3rd world state of mind. eg: AIDS... There have been plenty of government AIDS awareness campaigns all over the radio and TV for some time now, BUT people are either choosing to ignore the warnings, or are too ignorant to believe that there is an AIDS epidemic when they see it. The AIDS epidemic is getting worse here. But why? Don't people listen? Whats going on? AIDS is just the tip of the iceberg. We have many problems. But I have pride and believe we can pull through all the bad patches. And maybe even conquer the world someday. :-)

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    SA is a multiracial mass of land in the southern hemisphere discovered by Ferdinard Magellan way back before the Boers moved in and turned it into a holiday camp for whites and a hellhole for the indigenous folks. Some close similarlity with USA you'd imagine? The rich live in heaven and the poor live in hell day in day out. HIV/AIDS has taken over from where Voster left it.

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    be great if aids worked a little faster!

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