Is the Confederate Flag offensive?

Is anyone offended when they see a shirt, bumper sticker, poster, etc. showing the Confederate flag? Does it still carry the same stigma as it did during the Civil war?

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    I was born and raised in Texas and I am black. I see the Confederate flag often and it offends me...ALOT! It's not the actual flag (it's just fabric), but it's what the flag represents. Many people (especially southerners) like to justify the flag by stating that it represents the unification of the southern states during the civil war. But it holds a deeper stigma. Many African Americans view the flag as having advocated inequality, injustice, hate, and bigotry towards blacks (and any others who supported the constitutional stance that, "...all men are created equal..."). I believe this stigma stems from the south's long history of advocating these ideas. I believe that if racism had have ended when slavery did, the stigma associated with the Confederate flag would be no more. However, since racism still exists today, so too will the stigma.

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    I am part African-American but I do not find the flag to be offensive. Someone who wants to fly that flag and is proud of it can by all means fly it and I will not be offended. But when I do see the flag flying high or on someones bumper I immediately think of that person as ignorant. There is no justification for the flag in my mind unless you are ignorant. The flag does not stand for the rebel like many Southerners who support it says it does. Instead I associate that flag with almost all that is not American. That flag represented an area of the country that bred people, sold them, and showed no regard for those who were different. The Confederate states were hardly better than a terrorist nation of the Middle East today. So to fly that flag in America, which is a right you entitled to under our constitution, is purely ignorant.

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    In and of itself the Confederate Flag is not offensive to me and I hold that it shouldn't be others. However, we have the right to be offended in this country and we excercise that right on a regular basis.

    We place meanings on symbols and if we have an adverse opinion to those meanings then we find the symbol offensive.

    The twisted cross was considered a fine and wonderful symbol for so many things. Then Nazi Germany made it its symbol and now it is reviled, and rightly so if perhaps sadly so to see such a symbol of good get so horribly used by something so horrible.

    Don't forget that the "North" had slaves and had them during the civil war. The emancipation proclamation by Lincoln only freed slaves in the south not the north. Read it.

    And so we today have in our cultural memory something that is different from the truth of history. And the USA was late in coming to free the slaves compared to many other countries of the world.

    No, the confederate flag holds nothing inherently offensive to me. Neither does it hold anything noble to me. It is as it was a symbol for a failed attempt at becoming an independent country.

    And just so you know, I grew up in Alaska and Nevada. Not exactly southern states.

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    I believe it does because it was the symbol of the South and the ideals and beliefs of those who lived there. I am not personally offended when I see it but I can see why some people might be. I would much rather see people with the modern American flag because we should be showing unity within our nation. Yes, the Confederacy is part of our nation's heritage but it was a dark time in our nation's history. The beliefs of the Confederacy (meaning slavery and all that involved) are nothing to be proud of and I think to display the Confederate symbol shows either a lack of understanding of the Confederacy/Civil war or an agreeance with the beliefs that the Confederacy was founded upon.

    Source(s): Just one Yank's opinion...
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    I think it carries a completely different stigma than it did during the civil war. This stigma was created during the civil rights movement when states like SC began flying the confederate flag again. It is most definitely a symbol of racism and anti racial equality.

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    Yes, clearly some people are offended by it as they see it as being a symbol of slavery and the confederacy.

    I think most of the people offended by it see it more as a symbol of the the century following the Civil War and the Jim Crow laws, KKK, lynching, and voter harrassment (to name a few) that many proponents of the flag engaged in...

    However, there's no constitutional protection from being offended... and some southerns, rightly, see it as a symbol of the Confederacy which is something they celebrate as a fight to maintain their "rights" and "way of life." Too often people still think that the Civil War was fought over Slavery. The vast vast vast majority of soldiers fighting for the South in the Civil War did NOT own slaves...

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    Whether or not the Confederate Flag is offensive is based entirely on the context that the flag is used in. If somebody is documenting America's history or the history of the South, then the flag might not be offensive. However, if the flag is being used in another way, then it might be offensive.

  • 5 years ago

    Offensive, yes. Its purpose, yes, during the civil war. The designer of the flag, William T. Thompson stated that its color symbolized the "supremacy of the white man." : As a people we are fighting to maintain the Heaven-ordained supremacy of the white man over the inferior or colored race; a white flag would thus be emblematical of our cause. [end his stuff]

    That is horrific verbiage. The battle flag needs to come down from the southern states now and forever. It serves no good purpose and perpetuates hatred.

    —William T. Thompson (April 23, 1863), Daily Morning News

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    at the instant merely approximately something is offensive to way of fact the U.S. very proper courtroom has ruled burning the yank flag is an expression of unfastened speech,then persons such as you will would desire to settle for the show of the accomplice flag as a valid expression of unfastened a similar time as in college,I tacked a three'x5' accomplice flag to my dorm room wall.basically one guy or woman ever complained approximately it.yet another student,whose father have been an officer interior the German military for the time of international war 2,displayed a Nazi flag (swastika and all) in his dorm room window.yet yet another student stored a framed photograph of Adolf Hitler on his wall.One Jewish student went berserk approximately it,however the photograph remained.the ingredient is freedom of expression is extra considerable than somebody being offended.

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    No, not to me. But once in a while you see somebody that obviously displays it to racist purposes. However, by itself it's a symbol of the south and not offensive.

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