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Siberian Huskeys vs Alaskan Malamutes?

I thought I saw a Siberian Huskey in the Pets Village in Tiendesitas, but I was surprised to find out that it was actually an Alaskan Malamute. I had always wanted a Huskey, but now I'm veering more towards the Malamute. Which should I get? Can anyone give me more information? I really want to be prepared for the responsibilities for whichever dog I get.


I misspelled "husky"....shows what I know..

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    Alaskan Malamutes are generally bigger dogs than Huskies. They also have thicker fur. Huskies may have blue eyes - Alaskan Malamutes may not. (If you see someone trying to pawn off an Alaskan Malamute with blue eyes, it HAS to have Husky in the mix somewhere.) They are very strong-willed dogs. They aren't your typical average lay at your feet, be obedient just because you're there, loyalty to you until the last dying breath type of dogs. They're strong-willed, independent, and they want what they want and they're going to play mind games with you to get it (or just overpower you, jump the fence, or dig through your drywall to get it, whichever). They "wear their domestication lightly" is the prettiest way I've ever heard it put, and it's the truth. They are more like what dogs were before we made them the extremely obedient, loyal companions that most purebred pets are today. They need a LOT of excersize (they won't think twice about getting loose and going on a five mile jaunt with or without you every chance they get), they generally do not do well with cats or small animals (very high prey drive), they shed A LOT (it looks like a matress factory exploded when they are shedding), and they are such big powerful dogs that obedience training is an absolute MUST from the get-go in order for you to have a companion you can enjoy. Otherwise, you are going to have an out-of-control dog that no one wants to be around. I absolutely love Huskies and Malamutes too, but I know.. they aren't the dog for me, and compared to most people I have the patience of a saint and all the time in the world. I have a Shiba Inu, which is close enough to a Husky or a Malamute in appearance, without being big enough to knock me off my feet or drag me down the street or destroy my couch in fifteen minutes. Good luck!

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    I have had a Husky and I have a Malamute. We had to find a new home for the Husky because she started jumping the fence and killing the neighbors chickens. The Mal will kill whatever (i.e. small pets, rabbits, skunks, abandoned puppies, etc.) comes onto our property but will not leave our property. Both had a woo-woo voice and would talk. Our Mal sounds like she is asking where we went and what we did whenever we leave. The Mal is more intimidating than the Husky and will (by sight alone) prevent strangers from coming on the property. The only problem I've had with the Mal was that she challenged me for dominance. She's very much the alpha dog, of the three we have running the pasture (10 acres). Our other dogs in the pasture are a Great Pyrenees and a cayote-australian shepherd cross. I had to be very stern with her to finally get her to realize that I'm the alpha overall. I will always try to have a Mal and Great Pyrenees in the future. They work well together. They are both very lovable towards family but intimidating to strangers.

    As mentioned by others, both Huskys and Mals shed alot! Be ready for a great deal of white fur when they shed. However, the birds like the fur for their nests.

    I recommend the Mal if you have the room and time for them to exercise.

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    They have a lot of traits in common - being northern breeds, they're both very heavy shedders (but I'm sure you knew that). Both breeds demand a LOT of exercise! If they don't get it, both can become destructive out of sheer boredom and frustration.

    Temperament wise, the husky is the more outgoing, friendly dog. Though both breeds are sledding dogs, meaning they work in teams, malamutes are not nearly as easy going with other dogs. They can be a lot more hard to handle.

    You should do a lot of research into both breeds before you decide. Meet some breeders and their dogs and then decide. These are just averages - I've known some malamutes who were absolutely awesome dogs!

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    Huskies are smaller, Malamutes are larger, Huskies get along usually better with other animals then a Mal.

    I have both (i dogsled) and they are both amazing dogs who need LOTS of exercise. Mals like to pull and siberian huskys like to run. Malamutes are like big teddy bears, huskys can be so funny with the things they do.

    Good luck with your choice.

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    I've never had a huskey, but I did have a malamute. She was the smartest dog I ever owned. I truly miss her.

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    Just depends on the size and personality of your ideal dog. The Malamute (my personal favorite!) will be a bigger dog and is likely to have a stronger guard dog type personality. I would suggest checking out the AKC website,, to learn more about each breed.

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