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Do short haired dogs have special problems in very cold weather?

I have a Weimaraner and I am moving to North Dakota this Fall. Do I need to keep her in a jacket? Will her ears freeze? Do I need to put booties on her feet? She liked to run for hours outside. Are there things I can do to protect her?

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    Pads of her feet you will have to be careful of. Other than that she will keep her body moving and warm as long as you aren't going to leave her alone outside all day or anything.

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    To run out to the potty for a few minutes, she will be fine. But if you are going to do running in the winter, I would put her in booties. Even the sled dogs wear them to protect their feet from the ice. I personally would have a few jackets for her. Especially water resistant kinds when you are going to be outside in the snow and rain. I am sure the really cold day will be a little much for her, so a few fitted sweaters will not hurt.

    When you get to ND, I am sure you will meet other people who have short coated dogs. Find a pet store and ask them what is the norm around there. Good luck.

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    If you live in a climate that is not his normal habitat (check your breed's background - jack russels can take some cold to go out and do their business, but not to live outside, they were bred to go to earth and dig, and that activity keeps them warm and no one digs in frozen ground, by then they are sitting or lying warm by the fire) (poodles also are not for the frozen areas) you'll need to help him stay comfortable. Most dogs love being warm when it's cold. So it goes to how you introduce the sweater. My first response was going to be it will keep him warmer and he might be annoyed. You need to get a sweater that is pliable and not scratchy and fits comfortably but is not too baggy nor too tight. Try just putting some tshirts on him at home to get him used to the feeling of clothing going over his head and onto his front legs. Take them off after a few seconds and keep extending the time while you hold the dog and pet him and even give a treat for letting it stay on him longer. Then when you get to the sweater it will be a tailored fit that will really work for him. Mostly he shouldn't mind with some help from you. It's not 'unnatural' except that they don't get to pick them out. We've been helping man's best friend face the elements comfortably for many centuries. By the way, if the dog is shivering when you take him out, he's cold. If it's a snowy climate, keep checking his pads and pull out snow clots before they become ice clots between the padding on his paws. Please go for comfort for your dog, not just what 'looks' good to you. You want to keep his chest warm and dry as well as his back, so a doggy turtleneck can work for him. Enjoy!

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    You can get a coat for your dog. you can also use boots or you can buy a cream that they use on sled dogs to protect their foot pads from snow and ice.Check out pet edge . com for products. A short haired dog (like my own) will also grow a heavier coat for winter.( this is why they shed soooo much in the spring)But a Weimaraner would benefit from a coat in a harsh winter climate.

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    I have Weims and we live in Iowa it gets cold here and we get quite a bit of snow.

    We hunt with ours. When it is very cold I have a vest I put on the feamle when we hunt. She does not like the boots and after I hunt a field with her I get her in the truck and clean out her paws very well and put her in a warming blanket that is heated. We take a break before heading out again.

    If we are not hunting her we do not put anything on them and they go out and most of the dogs want back in shortly.

    Even the ones who stay out almost all day do not spend to much time outside in the winter. I let them decide how much time to spend out.

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    Yes. Weims don't have an undercoat like say a Lab. I don't think she needs booties or a coat if she's moving around. I would limit her time outdoors however. Certainly she is a "in-the-house" dog. Be careful in the summer too. It gets HOT in ND, which can also be bad. Don't laugh, I'm in MI and I've called in on Pitbulls chained to a dog house in winter.......

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    Actually short haired dogs can get too cold, their coats are not adequate to protect them unlike their wild ancestors. You can buy dog jackets for them and that should be fine. If you're dog likes to run a lot this should keep his core temperature up and stop him becoming too cold, you might even be able to remove the coat if he starts panting a lot!


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    Yes my basneji was prone to the cold. You can by doggie blankets like horses wear to cover them while they are outside but they really should be kept inside if it snows.

    De-icing salts used to melt snow and ice are paw irritants that can be poisonous if licked off. Paws should be washed and dried as soon as the animal comes in from the snow. Other options include doggie boots with Velcro straps to protect Fido's feet.

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    Yeah definitly keep her protected. Alot of short haired dogs cant handle the cold for very long or even hotter weather. you got to keep them regulated. buy a coat and slippers and it should be fine just keep an eye if she starts to shiver and shake

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    yes, get a coat, a parka for dogs, some have hoods, and if there is snow and she will be out for a long time get her booties, that will be fine, my dog hates the cold, he would rather hold in his pee than go out in the cold and the parka is great, he fetches it himself when its time to go out, and when he comes in he is nice and warm.

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