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Regarding Rosie O'donnel...?

Why is it that when a man is crude, vulgar, and a mind speaker, the boat is not rocked but when a woman like O'donnel who is crude, vulgar, and a mind speaker she is worse? What is the diff between Rosie and Imus? 40 years~ that's it~ Not to mention other's like Bill O'Reilly.

This is the America and we valued(past tense*) freedom of speech, remember?


Don Imus was fired after 40 YEARS of badgering folks~

Update 2:

I don't condone some of Rosie's actions, I never said that. I did say she was crude, vulgar,etc... but my question remains.

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    Rosie never said nappy headed Ho's

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    Well, let's see. Rosie and Imus BOTH got the boot. Oh I guess Rosie may have been kicked with a pointed toed boot. maybe that's the difference. When ANYONE becomes a liability to a corporate brand, which equals MONEY, you're "gone in 60 seconds." This is Corporate America land of the green back dollar.

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    you are right, there is no difference between her & Imus. Just that they both should have been fired long time ago. It has nothing to do with her being a "woman" (in big fat quotes!). It has to do with her being a loud mouthed, know it all who is for anything indecent so long as it suits her agenda.

    At least Imus had the decency to pretend to be sorry. She does not have that type of character or class. She will just insist & argue that she is right & if you pick on her, its because you are a biggot!

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    Imus got fired. O'Reilly is about as pro-American as one can get. Rosie, got what she deserved.

    When was O'Reilly ever vulgar? He's far to educated to curse and carry on like some of the others do and have repeatedly gotten away with. He speaks his mind, that's for sure, and although I don't agree with everything he says, he's earned my respect.

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    Even though I dislike her she doesn't bother me in the slightest. Along with freedom of speech we also have the freedom to change the channel. So I agree with you, what happened to freedom of speech. Never liked Imus nor did I like Stern. I just change the channel to something I do like.

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    Always insults not issues go read what NIST, FEMA and 911 Commision Report say about WTC 7: nada nothing zero zilch. It's like was never even there?!?

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    Because Rosie is Stupid, at least Imus made an apology, unlike Rosie... CHING< GHONG<YE>HONG... she just say the craziest off the wall stuff, she is falling fast off of her rocker.

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    Some speech should be considered and well thought out before using.

    With freedom comes responsibility. And that's the truth.

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    Because she aspouses flat out lies. Example, suggesting that the world trade center was not brought down by terrorists. Or jokes related to Danny Devitos drunken visit to the view in which racial sterotypes were used as it relates to chinese people.

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    Sorry, I miss your point. Imus was fired.

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