What was East Timor like BEFORE Indonesia invaded it?

just for those other peoples who don't know, East Timor is a country that recently got its independence!!


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  • 1 decade ago
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    first Indonesia never invaded east timor..

    portugal left east timor in turmoil... there were civil war there... some leaders of east timor ask indonesia to go in to stabilized the region, thus they choose to join republik indonesia.

    east timor doesn't have natural resources, the only natural resources they have are oil and gas which lie between them and australia.

    they lived poor living. when indonesia came they bring a lot of development to the area and gave a lot scholarship to the people.

    now australia wants the bigger chunk of the oil they persuade east timor to gain independence... and you see what happened now? they poorer and unstabilized...

    ungrateful lot...

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