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Eggs & Bacon or Wheat cereal - healthier breakfast?

Yesterday, I overheard a Doctor having a casual chat with a couple of nurses about dieting and healthy eating. He said that many cereals should be banned as they are not the healthy choice that manufacturers claim. He went on to say that Wheat cereals will put bulk on you, especially around the waist. He said that a breakfast of eggs and bacon would be better for you, assuming that they cooked appropriately, i.e. eggs boiled or poached and bacon grilled. He also said that one should eat two eggs a day. He is not a heart surgeon by the way :-)

Any one with knowledge of nutrition agree with this or have a point of view?

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    Bacon and Eggs by a looooooong shot. Cereal Grains are what farmers use to fatten up livestock for slaughter, Hellooooo.

    Wheat Gluten is responsible for more medical ailments than most anything else you can shove into your pie hole.

    Interestingly enough, dietary cholesterol has LITTLE to do with blood cholesterol. But trans-fats in all these low-fat foods sure as hell does. LOL.

    And sugar/grain have a more pronounced effect on serum cholesterol than dietary cholesterol.

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    I will not eat cereal with wheat in it as it does bloat me out, also i wont' eat sandwiches for lunch as it makes me very tired. Cooked the right way I would say that the bacon and eggs is the way forward - the fat content is very low. If i had the time to cook this in the morning i think i would - cereals are made out to be all healthy, however, some of them are worse than having a chocolate bar or a bag of crisps - i look a right loon in the shops checking out the ingredients sometimes. I'm into Oatabix at the mo -

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    Cereal and milk have a lot of carbos and some calcium and some protein. Sometimes they have a ton of sugar and lots of sodium, though.

    I had a diet book that prescribed for breakfast an egg (cooked any way, but only with 1 tsp. of oil if needed), a piece of melba toast and an orange. I would say, add a glass of milk, and you've got a near perfect breakfast. On that diet, steamed veggies were a free food, so I would eat a quarter cup of steamed spinach with it.

    Eggs aren't the evil food that 70s nutritionists made them out to be. In Japan, they recommend eating one egg a day, because it's a relatively healthy protein.

    Bacon is evil, but it is so good, if you watch what you eat, you should be able to enjoy it once a week or so. (-:

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    I agree with the doctor, but I think the 2 eggs per day would be discouraged by a heart surgeon.

    Lots of cereals are high in sugar and salt content - it is necessary to read the labels before buying them, and , even the better cereals should be accompanied by skimmed milk, not whole fat milk.

    Eggs are high in cholesterol as well as beneficial nutrients. It is usually advised that 3 - 4 eggs per week is OK.

    Scrambled eggs and lean grilled bacon are generally recognised as being a healthy, nutritious breakfast - throw in grilled tomatoes and a few mushrooms too, but, be sure to leave out the fried bread.

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    I am doing the GI diet by Rosemary Conley and she said in one of her books I have to look out for the hidden contents on cereal boxes. Special Kay are ok, weetabix is ok, all bran is ok and porridge made with water is better. All cerial with skimmed milk by the way.

    You can have rasher of grilled bacon and poached egg max eggs per week is three but remember that is diet with wholemeal bread.

    So yes the doctor is right you can have a fully cooked english as long as you grill the whole lot and do not add sugars and fats and have a huge portion.

    Take a look at the boxes and the nutty cornflakes box is loaded my friend with all bad things.

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    Nah, I stay with the Wheat, it's o.k to have bacon and egg's once in a while, it is high in protien, and will carry you through the day further than the Wheat but, The Wheat makes your appetite come back slowly, not the "CRASH" an hour after eating the "Donut". I eat oatmeal, cereal, etc. for breakfast, a hot bowl of oatmeal, and a cup of coffee is a good breakfast, and healthy too (what the Hell more do want for breakfast) ?, it's "PERFECT" for me. I lost 60 lbs in 6 months doing this, so I'm sold, no matter what anyone tells me.

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    Lean, grilled bacon and poached eggs ARE a better nutritional (as well as yummy) start to the day - add a slice of wholemeal bread and a glass of fresh orange juice and you can't go wrong! The higher protein 'gets you going' quicker and keeps you feeling satisfied for longer than any cereal.

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    Egg and bacon is so much healthier than weat cereal. There are not as many protein and other stuff in cereal than egg and bacon. But make sure to cook the egg and bacon properly and taking the fat off is a good idea also.

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    Egg whites are healthy, however the yoke is very high in cholesterol and calories. The quality of bacon seems to vary enormously depending on which brand you buy. It often has alot of salt added.

    Probably healthier than mass manufactured cereals though. These usually contain a huge amount of additives such as sugar and so on.

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    In a low carb diet, you'd eat the eggs and bacon for breakfast. What is VERY surprising about a low carb diet is how much it will lower your cholesterol and BP. I had a cholesterol level of over 230 and a BP of 150 over 84. Then I went on the Atkins diet and ate fatty foods galore but no sugars. My cholesterol dropped to 178 and my BP to 129 over 72.

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