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    Hong Kong lacks of natural resources, but the geography position is superior, English

    The people takes possession by force Hong Kong hereafter, declares Hong Kong is a free port, Rui idea

    Become development in Hong Kong the re-exports harbor of[with] the far east importance.In 1900,

    The goods imported by transport in Hong Kong have Chinese all import goods

    40%.At the same year, the boats and ships tonnage that passes in and out Hong Kong reaches 14,020,000

    Have another ton, increased in 15 years 100%.

    England colonizes to rule a bottom, British who gathers to reside in Hong Kong has

    Wear liberal treatment.But, because Hong Kong is a free port, Zhi

    The domestic affairs mansion adopted many management methods that be advantageous to the business development,

    Plus Chinese hinterland to appear a society a turbulence continuously, attract in times gone by

    Many R.O.C. companies and handicraft the operator come to harbor to make a living.These own in great quantities

    The R.O.C. company of the funds becomes a social strength that allows of no to ignore gradually.

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    Hong Kong lacks the natural resources, but geographical position superior, the English seizes after Hong Kong, announced Hong Kong is the free port, firm will Hong Kong will develop into the far east to be important Transit port. In 1900, transported the import by Hong Kong the cargo to occupy China all to import the cargo 40%. In the same year, passes in and out Hong Kong's ships tonnage to achieve 1,,402 Wan Totun, in 15 years increased 1 time.

    Under the England colonial rule, lives together to Hong Kong's English has the munificent treatment. But, because Hong Kong is the free port, colonized the government to adopt many has been advantageous to the commercial development management, in addition the Chinese inland unceasingly appeared the society to be turbulent, always attracts many Chinese businessman and the handicraftsman comes the port to make a living. This batch has the massive funds the Chinese businessman gradually becomes a not allow to neglect social strength.

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