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影評?(eng)同 的英文



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    English Name : Howl's Moving Castle

    Professional review by Todd Brown

    from Twitchfilm.net

    You would have expected the release of a new Miyazaki film to generate more attention than Howl's Moving Castle did when it came to western shores. Sure, the man may not yet be a household name round these parts but his previous feature did win an Oscar and you'd think that fact alone would have gotten Howl's a much wider and better publicized release than what it actually received. But when the film released it was without the unanimous acclaim that welcomed Spirited Away. Yes, the critics agreed that the animation was stunning - which it absolutely is, the level of detail and richness of the design is absolutely incredible - but many felt that the script was lacking, that it felt a little disjointed.

    But here's the thing with Miyazaki films: they are almost always more than they appear. Like no other filmmaker, Miyazaki's films - with the arguable exception of Porco Rosso, which seems comparatively bland and uninspired - reward multiple viewings. Elements that may have appeared lacking, confused or missing on first viewing make far more sense the second time around, when it often becomes clear that it's not the film that is lacking but the viewer's expectations that are skewed. The just released Hong Kong DVD of the film makes it abundantly clear that this is the case with Howl's Moving Castle.

    The story begins with Sophie, a nineteen-year-old girl living in a steam powered, Victorian era European city, working in the hat shop founded by her dead father. Her mother and sister have moved on but Sophie continues with her father's work because ""he would've wanted it that way."" A chance encounter with the famous and feared wizard Howl draws the attention and ire of the jealous Witch of the Wastes who curses Sophie, instantly aging her from nineteen to ninety. Sophie then sets off into the wastes herself, in search of a witch or wizard who can break her curse, befriending a magical turnip headed scarecrow before taking up with Howl himself as cleaning lady for his fantastic - and fantastically filthy - castle.

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    Please goto http://www.twitchfilm.net/archives/004821.html and read


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    哈爾移動城堡=Hal moves the castle


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