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幫忙翻譯一下吧 中文-英文





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    1.The waste gas that the automobile exhausts will cause air pollution, in addition to poisonous air, will also produce to suspend a grain of son to float to spread in air, in addition, the carbon dioxide causes green house effect, the world warm, and causes acid rain.

    2.The cell phone discards battery if have no normal recovery to throw arbitrarily away, will cause to discard the battery pollution, more probably influence the whole great universe vegetative chain, the generation spreads generation, the species spreads a species, is one general condition of the machine to the modern hand, the result can't ignore.

    3.Computer in fact is let out radiation, the radiation pollutes, besides which, the LCD of the LCD screen contain deadly poison, abandonning of the computer spare parts will bring serious heavy metals pollution to environment, land once being subjected to pollution will lose land productivity.


    4.The cold Mei of the refrigerator will break an ozone layer, causing the ultraviolet ray shoot directly into the Earth .

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