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does nepal get improve?

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    I would say, Nepal has never improved after the down fall of Prime Minister Bhimsen Thapa (1775-1839)...he is forced to sucide...then his wife curses the whole country...we lose Anglo- Nepal war...humiliating treaty with British...then we have infant king...Rana's overthrow the king and he is made poppet....for 104 years cruel Ranarchy continues...then we finally get democracy (King Tribhuwan) in February 18, 1951 (Falgun 7, 2007 B S)...corruption follows democracy...on December 26, 1961 King Mahandra announces Panchayati and democracy falls apart...on Chitra 26,2046 B.S King Birendra restores Democracy....corruption, corruption, and corruption...then we have Civil war lead by mouist (communism)....alone with it, people friendly King Birendra and his family is massacred, his son is blamed (which is false) for the massacre...then King Birendra's brother Gyanendra becomes the king...civil war hits the peak...on the other hand he dissolves the parliament and tries to establish total monarchy...finally after 2 (guess) years we are back to parliamentary system...... hardly this year after 3rd peace talk...the 10 year (guess) civil war seems to end...but w8 we have freaking Madishi who are trying to start civil war...they are claiming they should have the terain region....but in real they are not even Neplease....those f*cking bastards don't even speak Nepali...retarded Indians...i say just shot them then may be we could peacefully think of improving Nepal.

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    Ya, Nepal is improving quite a lot. Nepal is able to collect loads of foreigner from this year... so hope nepal is increasing slowly

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    We are Optimistic and somehow Pessimistic as the situation in Terai is worsening!!!

    Hopefully, They (Strikers) will understand the development in Nepal is main key.

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    i don't think it is improving as it should improve. political scenario is changing but the life standard is same. there is no such change in social, economic and most of the other factors.

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    HELLO NO........

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