what are the positive effects of immigration to united states?

how do immigration be benificial to the country???

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Legal immigration is one thing - illegal immigration is another.

    Legal immigration has multiple benefits For example, for military folks stationed overseas it allows them the freedom to meet and marry outside the country. It allows this country to benefit from diverse cultures. It keeps America from becoming stagnant, there are many people in other countries

    with much to bring to ours. And it allows us to live the principle we so loudly claim we feel, to bring freedom to all.

    However, illegal immigration is the reverse. It depletes this nation's social programs and leaves the immigrant in a position lacking any legal protection or rights. It allows employers to hire workers at abusively low wages and to mistreat these employees. It creates victims.

    I'm not against immigration, I'm against having laws that aren't enforced but are used to intimidate and control huge numbers of people.

    Personally, I say open the doors, but if you come here, you contribute here, you follow the same laws as everyone else. You learn English, you make at least minimum wage, you pay taxes, you become citizens, you participate in America. I'd assume you came here because America offers something you didn't have where you were - we didn't get what we have by refusing to change when our families immigrated. Neither should you. It's the same behavior I'd expect when visiting anywhere - you come to my house, I treat you with respect and

    courtesy - but until you share the bills and the work - it's my rules.

    Wow, I didn't realize how strongly I felt about this one.... ;)

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    1 decade ago

    The net benefit from controlled and orderly immigration is undeniable.

    The wider the base of selection, the better we are as a country because this prevents any notion of entitlement to prevail among any socio-economic or cultural group.

    Because of the widespread practice of abortion, we have been left without sufficient numbers of people to fill all of the jobs created in an expanding economy.

    Immigrants solve that labor deficit and keep the economy expanding.

  • 1 decade ago

    ILLEGAL immigration from Central and South America? Well, how about another school holiday to celebrate Simon Bolivar's birthday? Siestas in the middle of the day will be required of all. No one will have to take a bath anymore. More tacos and burritos will be served in school cafeterias and Taco Bells will abound. There will be an occasional revolution and attempted coup to overthrow the government ever once in a while which will spice up our mundane lives. Students will no longer be required to study hard because academic expectation will plummet and intelligent pupils will be penalized. There are lots of positive benefits. You just have to know where to look for them

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    1 decade ago

    According to what I heard, Legal immigrants are the foundation of the US economy. The strength of our economy is from stealing the brightest of this world and bringing them to the US to create new technology that we could sell to the world. There is a joke about silicon valley being controlled by the Chinese and Indians. The illegal immigrants suppose to bring cheap labor. Our unemployment is extremely low. According to economic models, the unemployment is so low that it is hurting businesses ability to grow. Illegal immigrants help these business fill job openings. I am suspicious about that statement, because according to that same model, American wages should grow at a higher rate. American wages are actually stagnant.

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  • 7 years ago

    Its funny how you criticizes immigrants with out seeing their point of view and why they ended here. If they would of had all the opportunities that all of your guys had none of them would of even bother in crossing the broader

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The liberal answer is diversification.

    But it's BS.

    There hasn't been much if any positive effect in the USA from immigration for well more than half a century.

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    1 decade ago

    Funny you should ask that in a country put together by immigrants from many lands. Pittsburgh, PA, the legendary US Steel industrial giant was made possible by Russian, Polish, Serbian, Lithuanian, etc. immigrants, Ford Motor Company in Michigan also attracted and hired Slavic peoples whom became the strength of our labor unions, as did many Italians and Irish workers. A hundred years ago we truly were a "melting pot" comprised of many cultures whom learned to speak English and join our ranks as productive American citizens as well as the patriots whom fought for all our freedoms in WWI and WWII. Armenians and Mexicans became farmers and ranchers in California long before the "Governator" from Austria ran for office. Nevada became a haven for the Basque sheepherders from the Pyrenees and just about every state in the union has its pockets of currently long established residents from all over the world.

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    1 decade ago

    First, technically, an immigrant is either in the process of achieving or has achieved LEGAL status.

    By that definition, the great majority of (LEGAL) immigrants provide the new growth of this nation. Tech startups by immigrants accounted for $58 billion of our economic growth from 1995 thru 2005. That's tech start-ups ALONE!

    There's a peculiar misnomer common in our press of late, though. The mass media often do immigrants the rude injustice of lumping them together with "aliens" who've violated numerous laws to come here, have (on average) much larger families than (LEGAL) immigrants, are known to collect much more in welfare-type services, bring down the standard of education and whose children join gangs at a much higher rate than either (LEGAL) immigrants or born citizens.

    Not ONE of my high school friends has, to my knowledge (and I DO ask) ever received a penny of free food, medicine or housing. I know I haven't. My sister hasn't. My parents, grandparents, aunts uncles NEVER GOT A DIME! One that I know of tried (in dire circumstances) and was told they didn't qualify!

    They and we constantly get accused of being "lazy" and "fat" and being unwilling to do things like work the fields or mow yards.

    My parents spent their respective childhood-lives waking up as early as 3AM to milk cows, harvest corn (by hand), sew seeds, plow fields, then go to school, study hard and come home only to continue working till after dark.

    I worked my way through high school doing what? MOWING EVERY YARD WHERE I COULD THE JOB!!!! As well as performing in a small theater, studying at a local junior college, then served in the Marines, worked warehouse jobs, retail, whatever I could get so I could start a family.

    Where's my family? Don't have one! I can't afford it!

    I got curious what the rest of the world is like so I traveled to Asia, lived in a Chinese-speaking country and learned fluent Mandarin in 6 months. I was ashamed when I saw missionaries who'd learned it better in 4!

    I guess the positive effects of immigration are what I tried to be as a guest when living LEGALLY in a HOST country as long as they allowed.

    Aliens are NOT doing that in any way! They could learn English in 6 months (or 4, if they want to show off). But I know those who've flat refused to though they've lived here for over 20 years. One such long-term "undocumented migrant" asked in Spanish if I spoke Spanish. I offered to converse in English, Mandarin or Korean (of which I speak some). She scoffed and snorted, "Muy MALO"!!!

    I guess you can see why some people seem to prefer that immigrants be LEGAL, huh? It should be very clear why we're upset.


  • 1 decade ago

    Immigration fills needed educated jobs, puts money in to the economy through taxes, buying houses, cars, etc. It is a very positive thing.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Catastrophic, Debilitating, detrimental, harmful, injurious, and not good at all...those are all NEGATIVE consequences illegals have on U.S. economy & society.

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