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One Frog-Had tadpoles. How is this possible?

I have one frog in a tank. The frog is a water frog and cannot possibly leave the tank and nothing can possibly enter. We have not had another frog in there for about five years. The other day we noticed about twenty tadpoles in the tank. Is it possible for one frog to reproduce on its own? If not then what happened?

If it helps its an albino water frog-a variety of the African Clawed Frog

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    It is not unheard of for African Clawed Frogs to be hermaphroditic (possessing the reproductive organs of both sexes). ACFs are widely used in embryologic research because of ease of breeding, easy to handle eggs, and a broad knowledge base about their embryonic development. Some pesticides and chemicals will cause frogs, and ACFs in particular to develop as hermaphrodites rather than male or female. There is also a process known as parthenogenesis, which is a female animal producing young that are clones of herself (they are all female) from unfertilized eggs. Although I couldn't find any information about parthenogenesis in ACFs, I wouldn't rule it out, although I'd say the chances are better of your frog being a hermaphrodite.

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    Have you not watched Jurassic Park!? Some amphibians and reptiles can spontaneously reproduce... I think... I'm not sure on the details really, but I know it happens in rare instances. There was something in the news recently about it being observed in female Komodo Dragon I believe.

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    Frogs reproduce asexually. They are both male and female.

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    ok, nicely I used to have tadpoles while i became into like...7. i will not be able to undergo in innovations a lot approximately them yet i will attempt that may be useful you out as much as achieveable right here. how would desire to i save the tadpoles? --- nicely we had them in water, like a fish bowl, very resembling you will possibly have goldfish. what approximately while they get 2 b frogs? --- maximum of ours did not final till ultimately being a frog. They ate one yet another.... yeah.... curiously it somewhat is established yet yeah... yet 2 grew to grow to be frogs yet we launched them. yet oftentimes while they grow to be frogs in basic terms positioned them in a frog enclosure element. that's what we did for the fast volume of time we had them as frogs. what would desire to i feed tadpoles? --- i think of we fed them like goldfish food or some thing like that. We checked on the interior of reach puppy save and informed us what to apply, yet i'm exceedingly confident it became into like goldfish food. what would desire to i feed the frogs? --- i don't comprehend, on the grounds that we did not save them as frogs for terribly long. We fed them, yet i will not be able to undergo in innovations what we fed them lol. i might recommend you verify at a puppy save or some thing i'd desire to have a a million/2 land & a million/2 water tank for frogs, excellent? --- particular i'd desire to have a fishbowl 4 tadpoles, excellent? --- that's what we had :). So particular. i comprehend tadpoles like 2 stay 2gether. shouls they stay 2gether while they exchange into frogs? --- I certainly think of they're better residing at the same time as frogs than tadpoles. Our tadpoles ate one yet another, and for the fast volume of time we had them as frogs, they did not. Lol. It became into style of peculiar. we would in basic terms awaken in the morning and the littlest tadpole might constantly be lacking...besides, they would be ok :) how a lot r tadpoles? --- Lol, nicely we offered ours off our chum for 20 cents each and each... yet i don't comprehend the place you're starting to be yours. i don't think of they are going to be too high priced. i wish I helped a minimum of basically somewhat :). Your perfect guess is to flow to the puppy save and ask the pros, yet i wish I helped out even basically somewhat. reliable success!

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