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Why do mast city jobs require workers to join unions? (ie: Teachers, transit workers, hospital workers...)?


If there's one teachers union in NYC public schools and i do not agree with their policies, why should i be forced to join??

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I spent 25 years working for city gvt's (two, in diff. states) and the only union I ever joined was the credit union. I was in a speciality that was most likely too small to be effective as a union, however. So we were at the mercy of whatever our supervisors and budget planners decided regarding our pay, etc.. Unions are the ones who fight for the benefits of the workers and provide a voice to air their concerns to the ones signing the checks. A union is an employee driven organization. They fight for not just their members benefits (as benefits are not "rights") but for those of all their fellow employees on most jobs. Union members are sometimes wary of those who do not join unions. This is where conflict usually begins, the suspicion that the non-union person may be untrustworthy and not a team player.

    Source(s): age and observation
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  • 1 decade ago

    Before unions, the management called the shots on what days their employees were required to work, what the hours were like, whether they were given any breaks for time for lunch, what the salaries would be, if there would be any pensions for retirees or workers injured on the job, and whether there were any safety measures taken for dangerous jobs. The workers who made all the money for their employers had no say in anything. Organizers fought long and hard, often giving their lives, to create the unions that we have today. In order to stay strong and keep protecting workers' rights, many unions require membership in their unions.

    I suggest you do some research into the history of labor unions. That would give you a much better idea than you can get in this little space.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    because without it they wouldnt be hired for the life of them. anyways its a way for them to get more money- some union leader to get better wages for less and less work.

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