Largest beach in the united states?

biggest beach in united states of america

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    Florida is the "Biggest" beach in the United States. If you start on the East coast at Fort Clinch State Park and travel South, around the keys and up the West coast to Perdido State Park, West of Pensacola you will have traveled over 1,000 miles of beaches, not including the shoreline of the keys.

    Sure there are a few areas where there isn't a beach, around the Everglades and the are North of Brooksville to Apalachicola, but the rest is all beach. You can even drive your automobile on over 30 miles of beach at Daytona & New Smyrna Beaches.

    Source(s): 64+ year Florida resident avid beach goer
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    North Padre Island (southeast Texas) is the longest undeveloped barrier island in the world. The National Seashore is 70 miles long with 65.5 miles of Gulf beach. The Park hosts a variety of pristine beach, dune, and tidal flat environments

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