The STRENGTH to end it................?

I have been friends with my boyfriend for a long time before we got together. We have been together for a long time as well... we've always talked about getting married.

His actions recently have been way out of line... ignoring me, being all over some girl (I saw pictures), acting like he's going to change, sounding so reasonable making me feel like I'm just making stuff up in my head, etc.

I told him how I felt. He didn't listen to a word I said. He's still neglecting me. Well, I broke up with him. I don't deserve this.

I just wanted to give you guys the STRENGTH to break up with someone who treats you like crap. I have cried so much for this guy... I have put up with WAY TOO MUCH. No one deserves to be ignored... neglected... non-existent. It's not right.

There IS hope for you. Do what your gut is telling you.

Don't let anyone step all over you. You are worth more than that.

If God brings you to it, He'll bring you through it.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Thank you! That's just what I needed to hear. I've recently gotten involved with a guy who didn't tell me about his ex and that they still like each other. He lied to EVERYONE about it, giving every person he told a different story, so now I doubt if even HE knows the truth. But thank you! I needed this so much! <3

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    1 decade ago

    Good for you. I always like to hear someone stand up for them self.

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