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What are 3 ways that watching a movie from best selling novels is different from reading a book.?

Many directors in Hollywood make movies from best selling novels. while watching a movie may have more visual appeal, some people still prefer to read the book. Can you describing 3 ways watching a movie is different from reading a book.

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    1. in movies, you have to accept the directors visual's. a woman isnt ust described, she's right there on screen for you to see. a beautiful garden is in plain sight for you to see, you don't get a chance to imagine anything for yourself. when reading, it's up to your imagination how u want to visualize things.

    2. in a movie, unless theres a voice narration throughout the movie, you really can't get inside the character's heads, you just go by their expressions. in books, when it speaks from their point of view, you're actually in their head

    3. and the most basic, watching a movie doesn't take as long, typically. you don't have as much time to fall in love with, or hate the characters. as you read, and reread a book, you have time to savor the characters personality. you have time to get to know them and decide, for as long as it takes you to read the book, why you love/hate them.

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    1. A novel can contain vast amounts of plot in comparison to a movie. A movie has maybe 3 hours if it's extremely involving. A novel has as long as the author wants. Therefore, in a movie, you get the barebones of the novel it is based on. A simple example is the Harry Potter books compared to the films. Unfortunately, in a lot of cases, this negatively affects the overall affect of the movie.

    2. Images in a movie are there for you to see, and imagination plays little part. You can read a book and create an image based on the words you see on the page. In a movie, that image is created for you. Whether or not this is a good thing is up to the individual.

    3. The cinematic experience. The use of music and sound effects in movies to build suspense is one of the few pros to a movie over a novel in my opinion. While you still feel suspenseful reading a novel, the nature of the medium means it is more difficult to sustain this feeling, whereas the tools available to the director mean this is much easier to do.

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    I prefer reading the novel, as opposed to seeing the movie. When you read the book, you have to use your imagination and visualize the setting, the characters.. the authors help by describing it all, but there's still a point to which you use your mind. Watching the movie takes up, what?.. 2 hours? 3 hours tops? Depending on the movie length.. Reading the book takes longer, obviously. Movie versions of books are good for people who dont have the time to sit around and read it, todays society is fast paced mostly.

    I remember i read, *The green mile* by Stephen King.. and then seen the movie. While the movie was okay, i still say the book was better. The way things turn out in the movie are different sometimes then how you imagined it while reading.

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    1) Directors can EDIT certain scenes from the movie.

    2) Take away from your imagination of what the scene should look like and the characters involved. Symbolism and word imagery may get lost in the film.

    3)Watching the movie takes less time, but you are watching that director's interpretation...not your own or the author's intent.

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    1. the director likes to add, or take away from the book, maybe even elimnating whole plot line, love intrests, charaters, or even altering characters from the book (pay it forward, name changes, soc. studies teacher physicly changed, diffrent people helped, and many more things)

    2. you cant see the characters thoughts as easily in a motion picture film as you can in a book. the character has lots of thoughts, dreams, and goals but yuo cant portray that easily without a material to write it on ( flashbacks are a way of succesful ly protraying this) but this might lead to number 1. are forced to looka t a character a certin way, and are robbed a bit of your imagination. i remember watching the first harry potter movie, and thinking of the caharters hermione, ron and crab and goyle totally diffrently. this bummed me out a bit, after reading the few novels and getting a solid picture of what they should look like in my brain. but hey, beggers cant be chosers... i hope thsi helps you.

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