help about the earths plates?

ok you know how there are plates like North America plate will I dont know were Australia so can you help me (its a map sorda thing like you know South America being conected to Africa

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    The best way for you to understand the movement of the plates is to see what they were like 225 million years ago and how they have moved over time. The one huge massive landmass was called Pangae (Pangaea). Here is a link to a site that has 5 maps. It starts back 225 million years and the 5th map is the present. You will see how the continents were all connected or how they fit together. See how the coast of S. America really does fit into the side of Africa.

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    Okay, if you wanted to know where Australia fits in with the other plates, take a look at the link:

    If you want to see the Australian tectonic plate, take a look at this link:

    Hope this helps!

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