How do i get from the greyhound transit center in san francisco to china town? no car.?

my friend and i are going to take a greyhound bus to san francisco on my birthday and we want to go to china town.

what would the easiest way to get from the greyhound center to china town and back to the greyhound center later that evening?

as much details as possible.

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    Trans Bay Terminal: It's on Mission St. between 1st St. and Fremont St.

    Chinatown: Roughly bordered by Kearny, Bush, Stockton, Broadway, Columbus.

    Most direct route is to start at the Terminal from corner of 1st & Mission, walk North (toward Market St.), cross Market and then 1st St. terminates and it becomes Battery, turn left and go West on Bush St. (Stay on Bush: you will cross Sansome, Montgomery, Kearny, Grant Ave, then Stockton).

    Stay away from Stockton St.: It would take you through a dark, dirty tunnel. From Bush, turn right either on Kearny or on Grant Ave. Grant is more interesting because it's more upscale & there are many gift shops along the way. Kearny is interesting because of the many places to eat along the way to Chinatown (financial district workers eat there) but Chinatown has restaurants too.

    Be cautious. Go back toward the Terminal before dark if you can. It's not that safe. That part of the city is dark and deserted once the Financial District offices closes. Chinatown has changed. It is not vibrant and alive in the evenings as it once was when the previous generation of shop owners kept the stores open later. We stay out of Chinatown in the evening for safety reason.


    Have $1.50: In Chinatown, go over to Stockton Street and Catch the #30 Stockton bus which will take you over to Market St. From there you can go to Westfield Mall (Nordstroms).

    Back to Market St. At Powell & Market, you will see the Westfield Mall. Hang out in the mall -- it's safe and there are restaurants and a grocery store on the lowest level and two major dept. stores and many shops.

    City workers are on duty between 8:00 and 5:00 weekdays. I'm not sure if the MUNI information is operates on weekends ((if you are going to be in SF on the weekend). I would try to call by 4 PM, just to make sure someone answers -- or ask a MUNI person at the Powell & Market kiosk (on sidewalk near curb -- near the Gap store).

    A trip on MUNI is $1.50. Always ask for a transfer and keep it because it is good for a trip on MUNI until it expires.

    Muni information is (415) 673-6864

    I would suggest entering that number on your cell phone.

    Call MUNI and tell them you are visitors and where you are (ie "We're on Market St. in front of Westfield Mall and want to go to the Trans Bay Terminal, where should we catch MUNI, where should we get off, how frequent do the buses run, how early should we be out there to catch bus back to the Trans Bay Terminal by ------------ PM (certain time)?"

    Happy birthday.

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    Exit the GH bus station on 9th, walk up make a left and walk up to Market. Grab one of the old Street Cars the "F" line. The cost is 1.25 per rider make sure you get a transfer. Ask the driver about the 84 Stockton and how to catch it. Use your transfer and take the 84 once you pass through the Stockton Street tunnel you're there. All the buses have an announcement about the stops. You'll be up hill one block, once you walk down to Grant you'll see the reason buses don't travel through Chinatown. For your return to the bus station on 9th street, you can walk back up and catch the 84 or take the Columbus Street bus back down to Market. You can easily walk to Market. Catch the "F" on it's return and your back at 9th. If you have time after Chinatown and want to see more of San Francisco the Wharf area and Pier 39 are a tourist hot spot. The Columbus Street bus will get you there and once at the Wharf the "F" line runs right by this area. All you have to do is ask.

    Once at Columbus and Grant vist the San Francisco Brewing Co. on Columbus.


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    J's advice for R&G is a sturdy one. also attempt city View eating position 662 Commerical street - sturdy dim sum, average cost. Henry's Hunan on Sacramento at Kearney - incredibly spiced and large, do not omit the Diana's Meat Pie

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    Make sure you go to the Mission station (it also stops on the Embarcadero), which will drop you at Mission near 1st Street. Walk up to Market, turn left, go to Grant Street (between 3rd and 4th), walk up about four blocks.

    Dong dong, you're in Hong Kong, having yourself a time. (In case you don't know the reference, it's called "Grant Avenue" from "Flower Drum Song")

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    BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit)

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    Grant Avenue

    San francisco


    U.... S..... A....!!!!

    Walk it.. !

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