how to create reports for sql tables in ms access?

how to create reports for sql tables in ms access

how to importdata from sql t5able or oracle table...

or how to write reports in sql or oracle

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    There's a lot to it. However, the easiest way to get started writing a report in MS Access is to use the report wizard. Open up your database, click on the Reports button. Then click on New and select Report Wizard. Then follow the wizard.

    As far as importing data from another database, first, setup an ODBC datasource for the Oracle or SQL Server database. Then, in MS Access, you can either import tables or link them. Importing will pull the data into Access and actually store the data in an Access table. A linked table will create a table in Access, but the actual data will come directly from the other database whenever you query the Access database. It depends on your needs.

    To import one or more tables, click on the New button from the tables page. Then select Import Table. Set the "Files of Type" combo box to "ODBC Datasource" (it's at the end of the list). Then you can select the datasource that you want to import from.

    To link a table, the only difference is to select Link Table instead of Import.

    Hope this helps get you started,


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    I think First yopu need to maintain constant connectivity to a large external database such as one built with Microsoft SQL Server.


    Import data:

    The table MSSQL_IMPORT, found under the Table tab in the MS Access satellite database "sampleForms.mdb", is the temporary table into which data is imported from Excel and upon which the stored procedure "migrate_import" operates.



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    In Access you can write queries in SQL view which will give you pretty much everything you want. Certainly as far as forms go anyway, they're just based on the data from one or more SQL queries. Reports aren't much different from forms, except they provide functionality to group on certain fields. It's certainly easy enough to replicate this functionality by taking the query the report is based on, then adding the required GROUP BY syntax.

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    1) Link the SQL tables to access (Access DATA PROJECT).

    2) in the ADP file, go into the database window, and select the "REPORTS" tab

    3) use the REPORT WIZARD to create the reports.

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