Unique Baby shower theme ideas?

My sister in law is expecting their first in a little over a month and she is a work-a-holic, so we are just now getting around to the time when she can do a baby shower!

Any unique theme ideas???? I know that it's all been done, but this shower will be for both men and women and she is having a girl....Any cute/fun/sweet ideas are welcomed!

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    First off....I have a page on my website that has some unique/sentimental activities for the shower. These are activities that HAVE NOT been done a gazillion times before.

    Now....on to the THEMES!!

    Bathtime Showers and Sleepytime Hours

    (Moons and stars and rubber ducks would predominate. This themed shower would feature a registry with these items::::bath products, hooded towels, pajamas, nightlights, storybooks, relaxing cds, blankets, crib sheets....etc.)

    Activities: Onesie decorating. One-handed crib sheet changing contest (timed)----if a crib is readily available!!

    Children's Storybook Shower: Classic Children's storybooks like "good night moon", "runaway bunny", "where the wild things are", "i love you this much", "dr. seuss", "but not the hippopotamus", "winnie the pooh", etc. You could ask each guest to bring a copy of THEIR favorite storybook to the shower to start off baby's library. The decorations could be prints from the books, themselves....if you look around you could probably find invites that have these types of themes to them!!

    Family Tree: If it is a predominately family-oriented shower....focus on the family tree of the new baby!! Have a family tree made for the new baby and this could be a focal point of the decorations. What a great piece to hang in the nursery, too!! Decorations could be this family tree, and napkins/plates with words like "family", "love", "cherish", etc.

    Poker-themed baby shower (a totally different idea that might work really well for the daddy-to-be and his cronies....could occur the same day as mommy's shower!!). Buy in for this poker tourney would be a package of diapers. Winner gets a really great gift certificate to some manly place like Home Depot or Best Buy!!! Decorations could be playing cards with daddy being the "King", mommy being the "Queen" and the new baby being the "Jack"????

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    Unique Coed Baby Shower Themes

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    Hi I personally think it has all been done before. But since it will be both men and women and even though she is having a girl you can use the color theme of green, or/and yellow sort of pale, for games maybe you could do a Gerber baby food contest, Who Can Eat the Most Baby Food in the Shortest Time?, who can drink the fastest out of a bottle, who changes the babydoll fastest?, if there are not going to be alot of people give every couple or person a babydoll and have them act as if it were a real baby at the end of each game make sure to give someone their own special prize. Dont forget to add the men also. Good Luck and i hope my answer helps!!!

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    I think you can incorporate a lot of the ideas and it will still be easy and fun.

    My shower was a theme of our life together, baby pictures pictures from trips and things my husband and I had done together. They had flowers that were the color from our wedding and a cake with the baby's sonogram picture on it.

    The rest of the time will be spent on baby and the gifts will all be for the little one, so a day to celebrate there love and how they got to the wonderful point they are at by revisiting places they had been together would be very nice.

    Since you are having male and female and I am sure friends and family will be attending, ask everyone to bring a picture or write down a special memory that they had with the couple, though they will be moving on to a new chapter of there life knowing that the people that are there will move on with them and still cherish the past is a wonderful thing.

    Past, present and future shower, and just lots of pictures of their life!!

    You could always do it in a princess kind of theme, castles, princes and princess. That is something if even chose to use for the babies room it will be transitional she can use it for many years to come all little girls (and women) love a fairytale!!!!!

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    Since you are inviting men and women, how about a role reversal theme?

    For the first part of the party (doing it for the whole thing would become too uncomfortable and ruin the fun), strap a pillow around Daddy-to-be's middle and put maternity top on him. A while later, take it off to "deliver the baby." Tape the mom's fingers together (that is, use surgical tape to to tape the four fingers of each hand together -- the hand's shape will be like a mitten). That makes her an All-Thumbs Dad! Then she has to diaper the baby. It lets all the women see how hard it is for a man to do these things.

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    This is not really a theme but I have and idea for a game that is really fun. This game is for the men. You take a bunch of baby bottles (you can buy a bunch of cheap ones at the dollar store), poke a small whole in the nipple, fill it up with some kind of drink(we used beer but you could use juice or something else) then you have the guys race to finish the bottle. Its fun watching the guys try to drink out of the bottle. Its even funnier when they finally try to make the whole bigger. This is a great game that helps the guys to feel involved in the shower.

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    I'm giving you a few theme to start the brainstorming.

    Rubber Ducky, Diaper Baby Shower, Tea Party, Around The Clock Shower, Little Princess Baby Girl Shower, Hollywood Party, Cowgirl theme, etc

    Since you're having a coed shower, this article might help you a lot:


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    I had a couples baby shower, loved it and so did our friends. It was the last time we saw them for a year. We gave away picture frames as a party favor. The most memorable game played was the 30 second game. I took 10 baby items like a pacifier, thermometer, Q tip, etc. and placed them all on a tray. I removed the towel covering for 30 seconds and then told everyone to write down as many items as could remember. My stepson-8 at the time remembered the most items and we all thought that was so cute! For a workaholic mom-(been there done that) give away mini-daytimers or memo pads-even a new mommy will get Mommy brain drain. =>)

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    How about a power puff girl theme sugar spice and everything nice a lot of festive colour full ribbons and cute little baby shoes you can try something along those lines Good Luck with the shower.

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    My sisters-in-law and two friends threw a surprise tea party baby shower for me. They made fresh flower centerpieces for the tables. They borrowed teapots, plates, and cups from a relative and placed a set on each table. My theme was teddy bears, so they borrowed bears and set them all around the room. All the tables were covered with fancy tablecloths and guests were asked to dress up. The menu started with assorted teas, scones, etc. The main menu was turkey on a croissant, fresh fruit slices, and a salad. People are still talking about the shower!

    I threw a "brunch" baby shower for my best friend, held at 10:30 a.m. We had traditional games and gifts. Foods included "virgin" (non-alcoholic) cocktails with fruit tarts, quiches, and a bundt cake for eats. White linens and real silver set the beautiful classy mood.

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    When my friend had a baby, instead of buying her gifts, we all pitched in and got her a maid for 6 months. New mothers are tired and busy, she'll worship you forever. As far as a theme, I think since you are having both men and women it sounds more like a party and less like a shower. Guys don't want to sit around and watch someone open a bunch of baby crap, neither do most women. I think you should have an adult theme like a casino night, with all the winnings going to the maid fund.

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