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how did greece get its name?

how did Greece get its name and who might have gave it to them and why did they get the name

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    Greece came from the latin Grecia which was a greek colony close to Rome. The Romans called all the rest of the Greeks with the name of the inhabitans of that colony that they firstly met.

    Hellas is the ancient name of Greece in Greek. The origin is not sure. There was a guy called Hellin in Greek Mythology but it's not sure that he was the mythological founder of Greece.

    There are many more theories based on the analysis of the name Hellas and you better search for them in the internet if you are interested.

    In the easter world, in many asian and african countries Greeks are known as Yunan because the peoples of Asia called the Greeks with the name of the first Greek tribe they met, those were the Iones (ion - iones).

    Today the name of Greece in Greek is Hellas (ancient) but also Ellada, wich is the modern name (sounds like hellada).

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    Many people in Greece do not like this name and prefer Hellas. They think that Greece is somehow not Greek.

    However, it comes from the ancient Greek word Graikos which was used for the people who lived near the area of Dodoni. The term Hellin was more common in ancient Greece and finally it was used for everyone. But after Christianism "Graikos" became the normal word since people felt that "Hellin" and "Hellas" were associated with idolatry. When the Greek state was established in the 19th century the words Hellin and Hellas were revived to create a link with the ancient past.

    Unfortunately it is not known if the word Graikos had any other meaning apart from being the name of some of the inhabitants of ancient Greece.

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    The Hellenic Republic is the full name of Greece. Hellas is the Greek name. I should know I go to a Greek School

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    Greece (in English) got its name from Graikos ,which means... Greek. Graikos came from the revolution of the Greeks against Othoman Empire. But Greece is kown also as Hellas. in the official Papers, you will see the name Hellenic Republic... I think you know where Hellas came from (Ancient Hellas = Ancient Greece)......

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    It is also Griechenland, Grec, Grecia, Unanistan etc

    The Romans are the culprits and at the time there was no sovereign entity known as Greece or Hellas. Both were used to define the peoples that lived in the penninsula because they spoke the same language and worshiped the same gods and banded together when attacked by others such as the Persians

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    Greece in greek is called "Ellada" by its "founder" in ancient times called "Ellinas". The name "Greece" was given by the Romans who called Greece "Graecia" and the name, altered a bit, remained in foreign languages

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    Hellas is the official name and in ancient greek it means bright rock (φωτεινή πέτρα).

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