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Is Jacob Rhodes father of Isaac Rhodes (b.1813/1820) in Indiana? Looking for father of Isaac/Isaiah Rhodes?

I've looked everywhere and can't find the father of Isaiah/Isaac Rhodes, he could be Jacob, but I'm not sure. It's Indiana where they'd be from. I want Isaac's parents and grandparents etc. Hoping you can help. I've been looking for about a year.

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    Got your email. Let's see what we find here:

    Marriage record: Phebe Morris Isaiah Rhodes 27 Jul 1845 Greene


    (see page 4/10 for the record).

    What's curious is that this isn't on the Indiana State Library database, but it is in many other published indices. Sadly, that just keeps us from finding their parents' names the easy way. I would suggest you contact the Greene County Clerk of the Court's office (perfectly fine to call them on the phone) and ask them to look up the license and license application for you to see if it lists the parents' names. Give them the info at the end of that line...book D, page looks like 56 or 58.

    In their 1860 census record, Isaiah is transcribed as Isab. They are living in Wright Twp, Green Co. Isaiah is 38, so you're looking at a DOB appx. 1821/22. Phebe is 33, so you're around 1826/27. Their children are James, Jacob, John, Polly Ann and Isaac.

    (1860 Census of Greene Co IN, page 13, dwelling number 799)

    The only Rhodes living in Greene Co in 1830 with a son under the age of 10 was John Rhodes. If you get the marriage records and John is the father, then the next step is to go to the Probate Court for Greene Co and pull his will, as well as Isaiah and Phebe's wills, if they were filed.

    Next, go to the Recorder of Deeds' office and figure out where the property was and when it was registered into the family. It's just a hunch, but I wonder strongly if Isaiah's father didn't get land as a war bounty after the War of 1812. The states couldn't afford to pay back wages to their returning soldiers, so they gave them title to "Indian lands" in Indiana. I'm not guaranteeing that's the case, but it's very possible. If it's true, then the next step is to pull military records.

    By the 1880 Census, Isaiah is gone and Phebe (documented as Pheba) was listed as the HOH. He's in the 1870 census (that's where his age is off by 10 years), so there should be a death certificate on him, probably in Greene Co, from sometime between 1870-1880.

    I also found the 1850 census record for Isaiah and Phebe (surname spelled Rhoads) and they are definitely only 5 years apart in age.

    Anyway...lots of free thought and I may need to come back to clean this up. But call the Clerk of the Court in Greene Co for the marriage license and application. While you're on the phone, have them tell you if it lists parents and the name of the person who married the couple. If the parents are missing but you get a church listed, then go to that church for records to see if the clergyman listed the names of parents.

    Pull his death certificate and see if that lists parents...or at least father. If not, see if it tells you where he is buried and see what they have for records. If you find him buried next to someone the right age to be his father, that's a good clue.

    I'd then pull the Probate and land records to see what you find. I have the feeling the answer is hidden there

    If you need any help making sense of things, drop me another note.

    Source(s): ETA: I found a grave for him. The dates are funky, but it clearly states "husband of Phebe". http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&G... Here are the dates of birth and death listed: Birth: Dec. 26, 1818 Death: Feb. 6, 1872 Phebe's list these dates...the DOB is clearly off by 10 years...either typo or fluke: Birth: Apr. 21, 1817 Death: Oct. 5, 1889 Note: w/o Isaiah The bad news is that the county death records only go back to 1882. The good news is that he may still have a death record with the local church that buried him. Now it's up to the marriage license and wills/land records...
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    They'd probably wandered over westward from OH if born that early IN. IN's first census:

    1820 William Rhodes Paoli,Orange,IN

    1820 Henry Rhodes Perry,IN

    1820 Thomas Rhodes Perry,IN

    By the age range you gave, familysearch.org has he may be son of a Daniel & Mary Kimberly RHOADS (wife alternately America Kimbley; that Isaac died 1846, married Jane McClary 1833), or William and Sarah Murray RHODE who also have a son named Jacob.

    The later Isaac D born 2 Sep 1826 Paoli, Orange, IN and went to TX was son of William and Jane T Meacham RHODES. He married Mary Ann LAMBDIN.

    *more. 1850-70 - If this is your Isaac said he was born OH, so may or may not be related to the southerners above.

    1840 Christian Rhodes Delaware, Indiana under 40

    1840 Jocob Rhodes Delaware, Indiana under 70

    (same page #263)

    1840 Isaac Rhodes Delaware, Indiana 2 men under 30

    *a cue on 1840 Censuses take a look at the next page (even numbers) to see if any Revolutionary Pensioners are enumerated - maybe yours. Jacob wasn't.)

    1850 Isaac Rhodes District 24, Delaware, IN abt 1812 OH

    1860 Isaac Rhoads Muncie, Delaware, IN 48 abt 1812 OH

    1870 Isaac Rhodes Muncie, Delaware, IN abt 1811 OH

    IF you can find old Jacob Rhodes buried in a settlers' cemetery in Delaware County THEN you may be able to find a local history on him. Same goes for Isaac if that's where he died.

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    Do you have any sibling names, dates for Isaac/Isaiah? Maybe thats where to look, with siblings first. Thats how i found alot of my family. Because my great granpa always went by a nickname and not his given name. I started with his brothers and sisters and finally found him. Keep searching they are there, just hiding from ya waiting to say "here i am!!"

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