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Anyone have experience with Sine die?

I was bankrupt twice and went for my discharge 7 ago.

My bankrupcy lawyer told me it was Sine Die....

Not much of an explanation except she said I was bankrupt for life.

Now years later I want this resolved. I feel that this was unfair.

Especially now that I am handicapped and unable to work anymore I believe I have no defense and the firm will not represent me to try again to get it discharged. They said to hire a lawyer. Funny thing is that I did but they failed.....I believe to live up to their end.

Anyone have an ideas?


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    si•ne di•e

    Pronunciation: (sī'nē dī'ē, sin'ā-dē'ā; Lat. si'ne dē'e),

    without fixing a day for future action or meeting: The assembly adjourned sine die.

    *****You can talk to the Superintendent of Bankruptcy Office at your state office for information about your file. You may need to hire a lawyer to make the necessary Court application for discharge once you have completed your duties.

    Also If you have not yet gone to court over this you can see if you can get a continuance. The court does postpone hearings or other appointments when one party is not prepared for the hearing or trial. -----(If I was you I would get a diffrent atty to represent me. Hope this helps- Good Luck)

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