What are the benefits of taking multi-vitamins?

I haven't taken a multi-viamin since I was like 10 when it was acceptable to take the Flinstone Chewable tablets that came in different colors. I have never had a doctor tell me, "well Susan, this wouldn't have happened to you if you would have just taken your vitaimins".

I understand that they provide you with vitamins and nutrients you can't get from food alone, but why is this important? What benefit is there if you are already healthy?

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    Here’s a few of today’s health facts.

    1. 98% of the population are not getting the nutrients their bodies need on a daily basis.

    2. A single nutrient deficiency can endanger the whole body.

    3. Today, 9 out of 10 people will die from heart disease or cancer, until the early 1900’s these diseases were virtually unknown.

    4. Prostate cancer in the U.S. has quadrupled since 1985.

    5. One out of eight women in the U.S. will get breast cancer, which kills 46,000 women each year.

    7. More than 4,000 people a day have a heart attack in the U.S.

    8. 80 million people have elevated cholesterol levels, 60 million have high blood pressure, 41 million have arthritis, and 16 million have diabetes.

    Sources include: University of California at Berkeley Study, National Research Council, Journal of the American Medical Association, American Cancer Society, American Heart Association

    Now the good news!

    Based on thousands of scientific studies proving that nutritional supplements can have a dramatic impact on your health, here are a few facts you may want to know as well:

    1. The trace mineral selenium reduces prostate cancer by 63%, colorectal cancer by 58%, and lung cancer by 46%.

    – Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)

    2. Women with low levels of vitamin E have a five times greater chance of developing breast cancer than those with a high vitamin E level. Vitamin E also reduces the risk of heart attack by 75% and reduces prostate cancer deaths by 41%.

    – British Journal of Cancer

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    3. Green tea helps to prevent cancer of the stomach, small intestine, pancreas, colon, lung, and breast.

    – Journal of the National Cancer Institute

    4. People who consume more than the recommended daily allowance of the vitamins folic acid and B6 are half as likely to develop heart disease and can cut their risk of colon cancer by 75%.

    – Journal of the American Medical Association

    – The Annals of Internal Medicine

    5. The death rate from heart disease was 48% lower in those with a high intake of vitamin C.

    – Journal of Epidemiology

    6. More than 100 studies have shown that people with a high level of beta-carotene in their diet and blood are only half as likely to develop cancer in the lungs, mouth, throat, esophagus, stomach, breast, or bladder.

    – International Journal of Cancer

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    7. Zinc supplementation improves sperm count and the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.

    – Journal of Urology/Drug Development Research

    8. Calcium supplementation prevents osteoporosis, reduces symptoms of PMS, reduces colon cancer, and lowers blood pressure.

    – Annals of Internal Medicine

    – The New York Times (Oct. 1998)

    Source(s): www.LivingWithRheumatoidArthritis.com
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    They will give you a constant source of vitamins. Unfortunately, because these are not natural, they will not be absorbed and metabolized as efficiently as all natural products or whole foods. Consider it filling in the dietary gaps with everything you should be taking. There is no real harm in extra vitamins, but there can be high levels of iron which will be bad if you have an iron which diet. There are also other problems that can come from specific vitamin overdose but multivitamins usually give you low doses of plausible problematic vitamin doses.

    I have been taking a multivitamin for years and still do.

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    There's some diseases caused by vitamin deficiency, scurvy, beriberi, etc.

    Generally if you're eating halfway right you won't get these and you don't need the vitamin pills.

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    Here's a short article that will answer why it's so important. The quality of our life will depend on it. Have you ever seen someone who is sick all the time. they are miserable!


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