do you re-use lancets when monitoring glucose sugar level?

I haven't done this yet but many of you do this?

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    Well, the lancet manufacturers don't want you to, so you keep buying bags and bags of their overpriced tiny needles :). My rule of thumb is to reuse it till it hurts when the "gun" pushes it into my finger (the needle starts to get dull). This is usually after a week or two, depending on which lancets I bought. I also use a cotton swab and alcohol on my finger and the lancet before I do the pricking.

    There is no reason you can't reuse your own tiny needle. Just make sure you disinfect it before pricking so that any dust (and bacteria) is removed before you prick your finger. My friend who is a MD, and diabetic specialist, told me that the medical companies try to pay him to say, among a host of other things, that its not a good idea to reuse your lancet. So, while I was joking a bit, I am also serious. Diabetes is a huge industry and these explotive bas***ds try and squeeze the most money they can out of us poor diabetics. Don't even get me started on why, instead of a cure, big pharama spends all their money on how to addict us to a growing host of overpriced medicine.

    Edit: You like how the phara rep, Medic, says not to do it and says there are a whole host of reasons and doesn't even name one. I'll bet you a zillion of whatever currency you wish that, this so called Medic is not even a diabetic and has no experience with using a glucose meter day after day. Yet she is here to push big phara propoganda. I bet pharma rep, Medic, doesn't even have a MD or has one from Grenada. She might even be one of those cute phara sales girls from community college they use to flirt with doctors to get them to push meds on you that you don't need or get your grandparents to try experimental meds that end up killing them. If so, shame on you "Medic".

    Ok, Medic, name me one complication or death or anything caused by reusing one's own glucose meter lancet if one is healthy (albeit diabetic) and not including extraneous factors (like I have a virus and reuse my lancet and reget the virus which BTW I have done by mistake and not regotten the virus, disinfecting does, actually, disinfect). How is it I have gone almost a decade without following your medical industry propoganda and not have had a single problem. Tell me why no doctor I have ever talked to has come up with a valid reason why not to do this? Or why doctors who are also my friends answer this question by saying it is what they are taught or, more honestly, they are forced to say it for fear of lawsuits. Or why another MD friend of mine, who is diabetic also reuses lancets on occation (and is a Ivy League educated doctor working at one of the most prestigous hospitals in the entire world)?

    Source(s): I've been following my rule of thumb for almost 10 years now and haven't had a single problem associated with it.
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    I have done that. After all, it is your own blood. Just alcohol it before you reuse it so you don't mess up the test.

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    As someone who works in the medical field, no, do not do that. There are a few factors as to why.

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    never never never, thats why there are so many in a package.

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