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    What would you do if every member in your family support different Political party? This is a very common problem in a family. Some choose to remain slient, some fight and quarrel with their family. I feel that everyone has his own perspective and belief, different family background and living environment also lead to different choice of poltical party. To many people, learning to respect others choice of political party is very tough. Therefore when each one starts to support different parties, they can't live in peace. Quarrels doesn't help to change anyone's views on politics. Everyone has his rights to show his views and freedom of speech. You can be right about yourself, but also respect the others. To resolve this issue, one must have a generous heart. Politics is part of the society, but it is not neccessary to create unhappiness with your family due to this issue. I think respect and generousity are importance values. Learning to respect others, then we could respect ourselves.

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