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    1. English can divide into vocabularies and pattern.

    2. One word is not a language, but a complete sentence is a language.

    3. English pattern is set up from complete grammar.

    4. It's good for you to find a job if your English is better than others.

    5. You can use language to write or communicate with each other.

    6. You should learn English on your own mostly.

    7. Reading three kinds of newspapers is very useful tool for your English.

    8. You should learn English on your own, and going to English class is one of ways for learning it well.

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    1. English divide into two partial unknown characters and the sentence pattern

    2.1 individual characters are not a language sentence are the language

    3. sentence patterns are carry its grammar structure

    4. English are good when seeking employment will be popular

    5. languages to be possible very much to use for to write may also use for to communicate

    6. learning languages 絕 to be possible to depend study independently complete the advantage which

    7.3 newspapers may take lifelong study to have

    8. English to need to study independently, attend class are in the study study English method

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