what do u think about malaysia?is it true that malaysia is becoming a less caring society?

why and how can malaysia is becoming a less caring society...and what is the factor....i'll have a debate competition next week.........plizz...help me.......

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    I think malaysia is one of the greatest countries in the world. This is the country where u are free to be urself. You live happy, peaceful.. Its beautiful here.

    I cannot say that malaysians are becoming a less caring society. In which realm did u mean? If it is general, no. We cant say they are less caring. The people here still care alot about others. There are warm, friendly, nice people everywhere around u. How are they less caring?

    Girl u are in trouble. Are u to debate that this society is becoming less caring? If so, ok. Lets lie a bit. We just want to win a debate.

    Lets just say this society is becoming less caring.

    First, take a few views/stands to support this statement. For eg, take social, educational, professional, and general vantage points at first. Then, elaborate ur points according to these views.

    Say, from a social aspect: the society used to live closer to each other, they cared about what was happening in their neighbourhood, they took part in the events happened in their neighbourhood, they were the first one to help in an emergency, they atleast knew each other well.

    Say this was the scenario in the past and that thesedays this scenario has changed: people live secluded from the other, they dont know who lives in the next apartment, they build fences around their houses and dont even "hi" their neighbours, they dont know whats happening at next door, they dont care to know... elaborate from here and contradict all scenario of the past that mentioned above. Elaborate how these are different now.

    Following, take professional aspect: people used to help and guide each other alot in their career, they had good network among everyone within a premise, they were ready to lend a hand to bring others up with them as they moved up, people helped each other in their work..

    Say that nowadays this scenario is not seen. Even at work place, people dont know everyone around them. They go do what they are paid for, and return. Life is very mechanical. They are not concerned to know about other people, their problems.. they are not willing to spend some time for it. Elaborate here.

    Take a general view: quote scenarios like people in general do not care much about others. They dont even care much about their own old folks, say more people leave their old folks in care places (if it is known to be valid), say people do not care about others and do things that can trouble them like, smoking at all places, making an open fire, throwing rubbish everywhere, spitting around, vandalising things, making big messes of the public lantrines, taking all their sweet time in the counters when there are huge crowds behind them (like in a movie place, or atm), parking cars wherever they fancy even when they know others will be troubled, driving like mad people (carelessly, endangering others), not obeying road safety rules (being selfish on the road), not helping a visually challenged person to cross roads, not giving privileges to senior citizens, expecting mothers and people with disabilities to have the seats in the trains... there are many other.

    To answer "why". Say that, in today's fast world, everyone is busy fulfilling their own needs. Their search for a more materially fulfilling life makes them to not give much importance to life's other little things. They dont want to stop to care for someone because, in the minutes they stopped they could have worked more and made some more bucks. Basically this is it. Substantiate this by giving valid examples.

    Those were just some ways people can be proven to be uncaring. U have to elaborate on all these and give valid examples to substantiate ur points. Whenever u have said a point, go back to the title and stress that "this is a prove that the msians are becoming a less caring society". This is very important in a debate. Dont forget to do that, It helps u to keep to the topic and not deviate.

    I think this is it, i could think about. A great flow is important fot a debate. Go point after point. Dont do it here and there. Once said, leave that point alone. Dont repeat. Preparation does the part.

    Good luck to u. Let us know who wins. :-)

    P/s: Im sorry msia. Just for the sake of a debate. I would say again and again, malaysia is a beautiful place to live in, and the people are wonderful. Marvelous Malaysia rocks!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I haven't had any contact with any from Malaysia for about 20 years nor have I kept up with what is going on there. I took classes with a guy from Malaysia in a doctoral program and my impression was you couldn't ask for a nicer guy. But times change and people change, so I really can't give much imput.

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  • 3 years ago

    traditionally in basic terms the different. Take the favourite case of the Franks and the Normans. yet there's a common sense blunders because you attempt to misuse both the word civilized and religious. the most more suitable and cultured human beings of their circumstances killed Socrates...similar with the very cultured Germans killing the classy Jews. No, using the words rightly the different is authentic. yet you're not any more even using the words rightly.

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