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can .pf files be safely removed from my computer?

i am using c-cleaner on my pc to clean visited web sites ,cookies ,temp folders. i also scan for issuses and is given the option to delete known issues, i have to find those issuse wit the search engine for example like the .pf file but a whole lot of files come up with that on them so i have no idea if they all can be deleted.

i would appreciate any feed back on this from someone who might be able to tell me if i can or cannot delete .p file without harming my pc.

thank you very much


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    .pf files are called pre fetch files they are used by windows to help make frequently run programs start faster. If you really need to free up some space you can delete them but other wise dont. I use ccleaner too but i never see .pf accualy I just anylyes and delete.

    if this helped please vote.THX

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