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Anyone know how to deal with (ET) Essential Tremors?

If you know anyone with it, or have it yourself, please tell me how you deal with it. I was diagnosed with it today.



I also have asthma, so a beta-blocker was not a good choice, so he said. I was given Primidone (mysoline) and I am not enjoying it's side effects. I feel like my esophagus is swollen and someone blew me up like a balloon.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    sometimes Blood pressure medications called Beta blockers help and are often prescribed by doctors for this, so ask your doc. Also these tremors are harmless , patients tend to have a family history and can get worse with anxiety so learn to chill.

    Try some Alprazolam from your doctor.( but it make you sleepy)

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  • 4 years ago

    how did u identified so with no trouble?why now not one among different reasons? Although most important tremor can influence virtually any facet of your frame, trembling happens such a lot quite often on your fingers, certainly whilst you attempt to do realistic duties equivalent to ingesting a tumbler of water, tying your shoelaces, writing or shaving. Sometimes, you may additionally have trembling of your head, voice or palms. Essential tremor is probably the most average of the numerous motion issues. It's way more average than Parkinson's sickness, with which it will usually be stressed. Unlike Parkinson's sickness, nevertheless, most important tremor does not result in severe headaches. In reality, the phrase "most important" in most important tremor method the sickness is not associated with different sicknesses. For a few humans, most important tremor could also be distressing however now not debilitating. Others would possibly discover that their tremors make it tricky to paintings, participate in daily duties that require nice-motor talents or do the matters they revel in. Severe tremors can result in social withdrawal and isolation. Fortunately, a style of remedies exist that can aid convey your tremors beneath manage.

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