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George Bush, Alberto Gonzalez and the Texan cowboys and Houston mafia. Sounds like a movie eh?

Bush nominated Alberto Gonzales, a man Bush put on the Texas Supreme Court in 1999, to be the new White House Counsel. Prior to his appointment as Secretary of State, Gonzales was the General Counsel to Governor Bush for three years. Before joining the Governor's staff, he was a partner with the law firm of Vinson & Elkins L.L.P. in Houston, Texas.

Among his many honors, in 2003 Gonzales was inducted into the Hispanic Scholarship Fund Alumni Hall of Fame, was honored with the Good Neighbor Award from the United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce, and received President's Awards from the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the League of United Latin American Citizens. Alberto Gonzales is Mexican-American and the U.S. Attorney General, and a well respected honest man.

Is Texas a Red or Blue State?

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    Yeah, kinda like The Fugitive. That move, with Harrison Ford, was about a guy who got tried and convicted of a crime he didn't commit just because he "smelt fishy."

    Or kinda like GI Jane. That movie, with Demi Moore, is about a female combat Navy Seal that has to defend herself to stay in the Navy because she gets falsely accused of being a lesbian.

  • Although the White House Counsel offers legal advice to the President, the Counsel does so in the President's official capacity, and does not serve as the President's personal attorney. Therefore, controversy has emerged over the scope of the attorney-client privilege between the Counsel and the President. It is clear, however, that the privilege does not apply in personal matters, such as impeachment proceedings; thus, in such situations the President relies on a personal attorney for confidential legal advice.

    List of White House Counsels

    Samuel Irving Rosenman (1943-1946)

    Clark M. Clifford (1946-1950)

    Charles Murphy (1951-1953)

    Thomas E. Stephens (1953)

    Bernard M. Shanley (1953-1955)

    Gerald D. Morgan (1955-1958)

    David W. Kendall (1958-1961)

    Theodore Sorenson (1961-1963)

    Myer Feldman (1963-1965)

    Milton Serner (1965-1966)

    Larry Eugene Temple (1967-1969)

    Chuck Colson (1969-1970)

    John Dean (1970-1973)

    Leonard Garment (1973-1974)

    William Casselman (1974-1975)

    Phillip W. Buchen (1975-1977)

    Robert Lipshutz (1977-1979)

    Lloyd Cutler (1979-1981) (1st time)

    Fred Fielding (1981-1986) (1st time)

    Peter J. Wallison (1986-1987)

    Arthur Culvahouse (1987-1989)

    C. Boyden Gray (1989-1993)

    Bernard W. Nussbaum (1993-1994)

    Lloyd Cutler (1994) (2nd time)

    Abner J. Mikva (1994-1995)

    Jack Quinn (1995-1996)

    Lanny Davis (1996-1998)

    Charles F.C. Ruff (1998-1999)

    Beth Nolan (1999-2001)

    Alberto Gonzales (2001-2005)

    Harriet Miers (2005-2007)

    Fred Fielding (2007- present) (2nd time)

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    When Bush and Gonzalez leave office they have signed a 99 million dollar deal with, " It's a Slam Dunk Productions". You remember them, they produced such great films as "My Pet Goat " starring Bush doing a reading of it while our country was under attack. And who can forget Cheney Get Your Gun.

    It's going to be a remake of Midnight Cowboy. Can't you just see Bush, as Joe Buck , a tall good looking male gentleman of the evening. And Gonzalez will be great as Ratso Rizzo a part played in the original movie by Dustin Hoffman. Coming to a theater near you.

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