Problem with South Africa.?

people are telling me that in South Africa,the native african are trying to kick the white residents out of Africa, therefore lots of white people are forced to emigrate to other countries, is that true?


Thanks a lot for all your frank and honest answers posted, you guys make me recognize what the current south africa is and the problems it confronts. may GOD empower those kind people only.

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    Because in South Africa most institutions employ a large percentage of people like "Ayiza" - above.

    Little education, little perspective, little reasoning, few facts and a lot of hate.

    Here are some gems of knowledge from this dedicated non-thinker:

    "White people choose to live the country because they feel affirmative action is wrong."

    This is a blanket racist statement.

    "during Apartheid a white person was garanteed a jod for just being white"

    - this is so naive and just the type of propaganda bull sh!t that non-thinking racists like Ayiza would like to spread!

    during Apartheid my father was retrenched at the age of 46, and could not find further work because of his age, whites were never gauranteed work in South Africa, ever, and they also couldn´t just go to an ATM and magically withdraw money for free, as I have been asked many times before by non-thinkers like Ayiza.

    "and worst of all black people were not allowed to study and become highly skilled"

    and what part did I or others from my generation have to play in this? Yours is a blanket hate and blame from which not even the children and grand children of the Apartheid generation may escape. At what event or stage will the whites not be able to be blamed for everything?

    "but the problem is the other 5% which shout, screem, kick and run overseas and bad mouth the country overseas they have nothing but hate for us which is fine because they are gone and are cowards."

    Your hate for whites is disturbing.

    "Look South Africa is not a place for sisi's"

    Is that what you call people who don´t want to tolerate 50 murders and 1000 rapes a day?

    " the oppotunities are amazing the amount of successful small businesses is growing everyday because the black middle class is growing very rapidly and you are now starting to have a black ellite which is mostly thanks to afirmative action and they all have money and they want to spend it."

    Did you not just say before that the whites had all the jobs?

    And answer me this - what scenario do you invisage for Aff. Act. to finally end?

    "You should just ask yourselve what kind of a person turns their back on thier own country unless if this person is a refugee are they refugees? if they are being kicked out then they are refugees. Just smile and nod to them.

    They are pathatic cowards."

    -You are sick man bent with hate for whites and the opposite of everything good and positive about South Africa.

    It is people like you who help to destroy a once thriving and safe nation with a bright future for ALL.

    Your non-sensical postings amount to nothing more than uninspired drivvel and are only tolerated here because of the South Africans willingness in this section to allow freedom of expression and non-sensorship.

    Now, back to your question.

    The statement is general and this has been brought up before many times on Yahoo Q&A before.

    While there seems to be some sort of agenda by some Africans to rid the country of whites I could never say that all Africans are trying to rid the country of whites.

    You only have to spend a little time answering and posting questions about South Africa in this forum (or alternatively in SA) to realise that most black South Africans in this forum post mostly researched, fact based positive opinions (and disagreement is rife but then so is freedom of speach here) and form an integral and dynamic part of the overall opinion formed about South Africa - and I regard their opinions very highly and I like them a lot!

    You guys and girls know who I am talking about, thanks.

    South Africans are tired of racism in ALL forms and especially when used as an excuse.

    xx edit xx

    Stef - 1,2 mil rapes a year, 50 murders a day,

    ignoring reality and joining those in denial about SA may just warrant you a pat on the head from the government for whom you have so much faith

    however it undermines a lot of work done by those who want to fight the crime and see a better SA for all!

    Mapoman - your issues have been dealt with before here many times and I tire of seeing the same unbased unresearched drivvel and racist name callings as yours and so many other dedicated non-thinkers.

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    Hhayi Bo! Who is your source? Also, don't listen to anything Alf G says, he is not even South African.

    No, South Africans are not Mau Maus and won't ever be. So no, there is not such thing and will not happen in My South Africa. There are fears when people's lifestyle changes. And things they were used to change. Whites had it all and then some. But now, we have to share it. The ruling party is a very Nationalist party, no matter what others say. No, I'm not a member and don't wish to become one either. However, they are fighting for equality for all South Africans, White, Black, Indian and Coloured; that is rights, income, social and economic name it.

    So no, we are not going to come out with knobkirries and chase all whites out of the country. Tell your friend to relax.

    Proudly South African!!

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    I'm a white South African, I was 13 years old when Nelson Mandela won the 1st true democratic election. I was in grade 4 or 5 at the time, and I remeber the teacher explaining why black kids are going to be sitting next to us in our classroom the following year. I cant remember his words, but I didnt or couldn't have a problem with it, being soo young. I believe what happened in the past is history, just like slavery and all the bad things of history, now is future, enbrace it!

  • 5 years ago

    South Africa could be a very special place if we could all just let go of the past, It is true that they are forcing white people to immigrate, but as many black people there are wanting us to leave there are as many wanting us to stay & build the New South Africa side by side.

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    Hey, this is what all the South Africans are telling me as well. I live in the Middle East and there are TONS of them over here...I have met some of their parents that come over here and they Tell me terrible stories...

    I have been told that the Native Americans are ruling the country, they are in government and are well paid and yet they are still robbing and killing people in their own garages for their cars and jewelry...

    They are "Forced" to emigrate because they fear for their lives. The whites are now a minority in South Africa...

    Well, it's either that or all of the South Africans that my Husband and i have met, even the ones that read the Bible every day and pray constantly are liars...

    Hmmm...What to believe??

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    I heard something about when Nelson Mandela dies that it will happen, but I wonder if it really will happen. There are blacks that has no respect and then there are the blacks that have respect for whites. I believe it wont because the blacks need us for allot of things... If it happens South-Africa is going to be like Zimbabwe...

    But still South Africa are a nice place to stay besides all the poverty, robbing, killing.. I like living here and I will always be a white South African.Maybe if the whites respect the blacks too then it will go much better. The white is just as racist as the blacks.. The white are sometimes worse calling them al kinds of stuff. No wonder the blacks has no respect for the whites.

    Here is a website where they talk about the white Africans murdered when Mandela dies.

    In short :

    There is an "disturbing" rumour doing its rounds in South Africa, that the day that ex-president Nelson Mandela dies, the black people of South Africa will unite and "clean" South Africa of white people by murdering them all.

    Edit: Torniton- Ayiza has a right to say what he want....No wonder he got hate against us! Because off all those who criticize our country and has no respect in other people religions...

    Btw you overreacting about the rape stuff! South Africa is not bad place! Im white and havent been raped, high- jacked,been shot at , had a gun against my head once and I have been to the worste town in Johannesburg (Hillbrow). Im still here!!!

    I think the other countries have to experience a high-jack, robbing or one of thee above to criticize South Africa!

    All around the world there are crime, poverty, murders and so on...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I would not say they are trying to kick out anyone. They want to manage things they don't know anything about for example the South African Defense Force. Went only one way and that's DOWN. As for companies, RDP and Affirmative Action helps the Government to "infiltrate" business instead of establishing NEW ventures and uplifting the majority that way. Unfortunately, as for myself, I chose to leave. More civilized and better to raise kids in this environment as a parent.

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    If i had to leave this country it would not be because of work. plenty of work to go around. i would leave because of the violence. a mugging cant be just a handbag snatch anymore nooooooooo they first have to beat u half to death. then off to the police station where u are treated as it was your fault. I love south africa but the government is not doing enough for all walks of life.

    Source(s): personal experience i was mugged and beaten badly at 12 midday. took the police 2 hours to get to me and then i was treated as if i was the one that done the crime.
  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    yeah we got a thing called BEE Black Economical Emporment or something like that that a company must have a certain percentage black people in their working place and they are killing the Boer by the butcher.

  • tafi75
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    1 decade ago

    yeha there's a thing going on this country called affirnative action which gives preference to non whites over whites when it comes to jobs. so people like us who dont have the right colour or millions stashed way in the bank are suffering. hence the emigration.

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