how to raise credit score?

I'm trying to raise my credit score and my score is a 486. I started paying what I owe and my score doesn't even raise after several months. Are there other ways to improve the credit score because i'm trying to finance a car and been turned down left and right. Thanks

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    It takes time to rebuild your credit reputation. Remember the old saying "you name is as good as gold" well the same goes for your credit name/rating. Be patient and apply yourself to learning how never to get yourself into this situation again. May I suggest my web site to you? It is

    Best of luck to you and your family,

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    Hi Jessie,

    Here are some tips I give my clients when they are looking to improve their credit for a home loan.

    1. Never close any accounts. Just pay them down to a zero balance.

    2. Paying old accounts could drop your credit score. Focus on paying recently opened accounts.

    3. Get a secured credit card. Basically you have to pay a fee for this card but you are borrowing from your own money to re-establish your credit. Buy something small once a month (like $15 worth of gas or food) then pay it immediately. NEVER PAY THIS CARD PASS 30 DAYS!

    4. Don't let everyone pull your credit. After so many inquires, your score will drop.

    5. If you have open credit cards and they are over the limit, pay them under the limit and pay them to a 30% balance or less (Example if your credit card limit is $100, you should only have $30 on the card).

    6. Dispute anything on your credit that is no yours to the three credit bureau agencies.

    Hope this helps. Well Wishes.

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    First, make sure all the information on your credit report is accurate.

    Second, try to pay off all or any accounts that are currently in collections or make payment arrangements with the creditor to pay off the balance monthly.

    Third, any credit card that is over 50% of the available credit line should be paid down to under half of your total credit line. Your credit score is lowered when your available balance is over 50% of your total credit line.

    Finally, if you have bad or no credit and have no credit cards try to obtain two credit cards and make sure all of your monthly payments are made on time. This will help increase your credit score. If you cannot be approved for a unsecured credit card, obtain a secured credit card.

    Repairing your credit and improving your credit score is a slow process that takes time. Just be patient and follow these steps and you should be on the road to better credit!

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    As a credit reviewer for cell phones - first everytime you ask for them to give you a loan and they look into, and are turned down - it's a hit to your credit. Most companies, when trying to decide to give you a loan - they look at previous car loans. Make sure you pay your bills on time - if you have a credit card, use it, but pay it in full. That's a biggy. With loans, they look at previous loans they you might have taken out - hopefully you have paid them on all on time - if not, even with decent credit, they can keep turning you down until you have someone co-sign.

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    to raise my credit score?

    1. Always pay on time or ahead of time.

    2. maintain low balances on credit cards

    3. keep your total potential debt to earnings load low - If you have a card with a $15000 credit line, you may ask them to reduce it to something more realistic, like $5000.

    4. I was told by an underwriter that having just two cards, a major credit card (VISA, MC) and a consumer card (Sears, best buy, etc...) is the best mix for revolving credit.

    5. You should have a recent history of both installment or term (Car or house loans) and revolving credit.


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    First make sure there is no negative information on your credit report and if so try and get it fixed.

    Make sure you are paying on time or it will definitely lower your credit score.

    How much you owe on each credit card. They consider if you have over 75% of your max credit limit it looks bad.

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    there are a few ways

    A. keep rolling over the full amount to other cards but do not cancel them.

    B (on the low). if you have bad credit around Xmas time 3 weeks before write to you card holder and tell them to wipe off you bad credit they have a max of a month to respond which they wont cuz of the overwhelming transactions going on

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    Just by having a savings and checking regardless of what's in it. Also if you can't get a credit card, than a secured (prepaid) credit card helps raise your score. And stick to your budget and pay all your future bills on time of course.

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    timely payment will raise your score. 3 to 6 mo.

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    go to and read the article about credit, this will give you a lot of good info.

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