do u think i love her? (im only 13)?

ok so theres this girl ive bee likin a whole lot for a while. just now though ive felt sumethin different. i realized shes not perfect. i think that many other girls r more attractive and easier to talk to. but they just dont matter. all i can think about is getting to see her again and spendin some time with her. i feel happy and complete wen shes with me. and im not as sad as before. when she didnt like me i was miserable. now i just really want to spend time with her. although the thought of being just friends really hurts. plus i start to like her even more for all the things she does. and wen our eyes meet .... its like everything gets quiet and shes all i can see.


if u dont think it is please tell me when ill know it is love.

Update 2:

and i want her to be happy even if its not with me

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    aw. thats actually really cute.

    i think that love can happen at any age... and its a nice thought. i think you really, really like her. but i'm not sure about love YET> i just think that after time it might happen. but for now, if you r still admitting that there are other cute chiks out there... ur not quite there. love is a strong thing, dude. its more like when your 100% head over heels, cant even see anyone else in the universe, drowning in the water type deal. But you never know. You might have just dipped your toe. Dive in! You think she is great now?> get inside her skin. Know everything there is about her and who she is, what her opinions are, her pet peeves, and inperfections. If you still enjoy all of that........Then ya, you'll probably love her. :]

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    Or wait 10 years! You are too young to be in love, sorry, but it's true. At 13 you should still be looking around. Sorry honey! You are probably feeling your raging teen hormones

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    according to the bible u don't love her u lust for her. I'm 14 and i know what ur talking about she probally already go with somebody but ask her and find out if know try to talk to her if ur not shy.

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    heyy listen im about the same age (12) and i kno wat u mean, i just dont think we're ready for "love" i kno wen u ask people sometimes they dont get it but it feels like love (its not really) we just totaly like eachother thats all :o)

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  • 1 decade ago

    You have got a big crush on her. It will wear off slowly. Trust me.

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes, it's called "puppy love". It'll be called other things as you get older.

  • 1 decade ago

    You're shouldn't be worrying about this yet. Wait another year or two.

  • 1 decade ago

    its possible

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