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American Pit Bull Insurance/Canine Liability Insurance?

Is it absolutely necessary that a person obtain canine liability insurance for the Pit Bull breed? And if so, where do you get it? And what do you do if they're not your dogs but temporarily living on your property?

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    There are, believe it or not, some municipalities that have enacted what's called BSL--Breed Specific Legislation. This ranges from outright banning of certain breeds (usually pit bull types) to having all kinds of requirements of owners to have their dogs "grandfathered" in so they are legal. One restriction that is some times used to make the pit bull owner's life hell is to require a certain amount of liability coverage on the dog. This type of insurance is not easy to find. If you don't know what the laws are in your area, you can try to look it up at Or call your local Animal Control agency to find out what the situation is.

    Hopefully, you don't live in an area that has these stupid laws. If you do, you will probably not even be given the option of getting insurance because they are not your dogs. Which means the dogs would have to be relocated. Sorry. I know it sucks. I hope you don't run into this.

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    If you rent, you will have to get renter's insurance to cover it... If you own, it will fall under your homeowner's policy I have mine under Mercury Insurance. A lot of states have increased liability requirements for Pit Bull owners. It really makes you HATE the people who exploited the poor dogs so much, doesn't it? A well behaved pit bull is no more likely to attack anyone than a well behaved lab. I blame the jerk owners who turned them into some sort of thug status symbol. There's a special place n hell for them!

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    Its not absolutely necessary.

    Do you see this dog as a liability?

    If yes then it should be removed from your property and the owner should get a trainer.

    Pitts are only as good as their owners (same goes with any breed really). So if this dog has the potential to act up just blame the owner for not properly training him. If breaks, ruins or hurts anything or anyone the owner is legally responsible.

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    Liability insurance for a 7 yr old German Shepard that has been labeled a dangerous animal, but has never bitten anyone. State of Texas

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    That's nonsense. Another way for the corporate insurance companies to make more money. You do not need insurance because you own a pitbull.

    Did someone tell you that you needed it?

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    no thats stupid lol. If they are only a temp. on your property then it may raise your house insurance.

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    I don't think that "dog"- will hunt. :) It's a barker!

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