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Why do you think 911 was an inside job?

Because the way the towers freefalled into their own foot print?

Because Building 7 that wasn't hit dropped like a fly into it's own foot print? Was it because the only engine found at the Pentagon belonged to another aircraft? Was it because they found no wreckage in Shanksville? Is this why Bush just hung out at Booker Elementary while our Nation was under attack? He decided to sacrifice an entire Nation because he didn't want to upset 25 black 5th graders? Sure.

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    I think 9/11 was an inside job because of all the reasons you have listed. The Official 9/11 Story is nothing short of a "BIG LIE" used to help cover up the crime and then shift the blame to Middle Easteners.

    President Bush, with the help of his Neocon buddies attempted to take complete control of the U.S. by decapitating the Legislative branch of the federal government: They are treasonous murders and would be dictators too, if they had not blundered in their attack of the Capital with Flight 93. They left plenty of evidence at each of the attack sites that implicates them to the crimes. The Following is a summary of what really happened.


    The World Trade Center buildings were brought down by controlled demolition after being attacked by aircraft. The only evidence our government provided that Osama confessed to the crime is fake. Most every video taken of the towers shows explosives just before the towers imploded. Traces of explosives were also found at ground zero. Need proof of this, see the evidence at:;_ylt=AhFJ1...


    There is also strong evidence to support a Douglas A-3 Skywarrior armed with a missile hit the Pentagon. Witnesses say, the U.S. military secretly had Raytheon Co. refit an A-3 Skywarrior with new jet engines, a missile, and a Global Hawk guidance system, just prior to 9/11. Both the jet engine housing as well as a "front end rotor head", found at the crash site, have been identified as belonging to a Pratt & Whitney JT8D jet engine, supporting the witnesses claim. This engine does not fit the commercial Boeing 757 that is said to have hit the Pentagon.;_ylt=AnSrg...

    FLIGHT 93

    United Airlines Flight 93 did not crash as a result of a struggle between the passengers and the alleged hijackers, but in fact was shot down by the North Dakota Air Guards flying F-16's. On orders from Adj. General of the State of North Dakota and in opposition to V.P. Cheney's stand down orders, Major Rick Gibney spotted the airline flying on remote, headed toward Washington D.C. and shot it down. This is why debris, including human remains, rained on areas several miles away from the crash site.;_ylt=AhKmC...

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    I hate it when people try to feed other people this BS. FIRST OF ALL, are you an architect? An engineer? I don't think so. So how do you come off telling people how a tower that tall and not built to handle that kind of impact and heat is SUPPOSED to fall? And the planes that hit the pentagon and crashed in Pennsylvania fell with such force that I would have been AMAZED if they'd found any kind of wreckage.

    And what was President Bush supposed to do? He handled the situation PERFECTLY! He didn't lose control, didn't panic. Just sat back and thought about the situation and what he was going to do to handle it. He was in a room with a bunch of 5 year olds! If you were five years old and sitting in a room with the President of the United States who had just been told the country was under attack and he got up and ran out of the room with a terrified look on his face, how would you feel? Do the words "mass hysteria" ring a bell with you?

    Put away the little hang-ups you have about YOUR president.

    Also, to sapace monkey: there's a pretty significant difference between the size and speed of a B-52 and a commerical jet.

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    It wasn't and inside job. I really do not think Bush and Cheney would wan't thousands upon thousands of lives lost in an event like this. You can debate whether or not the adminstratoin and the one preceeding the current one should have known, but to think that they would let it happen is false. We had crediable info that an event like this could occur and that there were plots to do it, but no one could connect the dots and no one was willing to share their info. With all the new "changes" and supposed reforms to our intel and security ops the same problems are still gripping our homeland security.

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    get a life the reason it fell like that was there was also computers desk piled upon them would you rather it fall sideways oh buy the way you hate for Bush had blinded you for the real truth it was terrorist who attacked us not are government I bet you think the moon landing happen in a room with a camera. I bet if it where a liberal no 9/11 was a inside job because you think terrorist is are friend it kinda glad we don't have a liberal president.

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    I don't think it was an inside job because I know better...after all, I saw 2 planes hit those buildings! You have the right to dislike Bush and his policies, but you really need to pull your head out of your a**!!! All of the people that hate Bush like to say he's an idiot to the nth degree, but if you really believe that he was behind this, then this would make him the most evil GENIUS to ever live...which is it?

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    for me the most undiniable evidence is that the hole in the pentagon would not fit a commerical jet in it. it's just not wide enough, plus there is not enough wreckage.

    ( it is BS that the plane disinergrated in the blast, becuase i've seen other plan crashes and there is wrechage everywhere.)

    plus just the fact that somebody was able to crash a plane into th side of a two storey building is insane. becuase those things need computers to land on airports, and those supposed terrorists only had sesna training.

    also a B-52 once slamed into the empire state building and nothing happend but a couple fires.

    and only 3 steel building have ever collpased from fire in world history all happen in new york on 9-11.

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    I don't.

    I think Elvis is Dead and Princess Diana Died in a Car Crash. An Inside Job is the most stupid thing I've ever heard.

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    I don't think it was an inside job and it wasnt an inside job. Islamic terrorists flew airplanes into 3 buildings; a 4th airplane crashed in a field when the passengers foiled its terrorist pilots.

    The only inside job is this whole fantasy conspiracy theory spinning inside your pea-pickin' head.

    Have a nice day, ya'll. Thanks for the 2 points.

    And the opportunity to express my opinion, so different from yours.

    Thank God for America, that I can do that.

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    Of course it was an inside job. If you REALLY look at the evidence, nothing else makes any sense, for all of the reasons you mentioned, and then some! *sm*

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    The real mystery is why haven't the democrates exposed this. They would win every seat in the house and senate, secure the presidency for the next 50 years, be able to stack the supreme court and legalize their agenda. Give um a call, supply the evidence, bring down the evil republicans, win the Nobel peace prize, what are you waiting for?

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